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User Info: nightcola

4 years ago#1
I'm experiencing very slow loading times for this game , any ideas why that may be ? also I get some stuttering in game which I have read countless people have had but I didn't see a solution to this. So is there a solution for this also ? Thanks.

Edit: I forgot to mention I have this on Steam.
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User Info: eleventhpower

4 years ago#2
Have you tried changing the allocation settings to Mid/Low?
That might help you with the stuttering, and maybe can improve your loading times.

Other than that, upgrading your PC might help better.

User Info: DarcyDSpledide

4 years ago#3
Escape > Options > Video > Advanced Options

Turn everything down. I was getting slowdown on the settings that came 'recommended' for my rig, turned a few things down (less AA always helps) now it runs fine.

Also, single player games take a few seconds to load whereas versus takes me a lot longer. Versus also seems to require more resources (rendering more infected and SI more of the time?)
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