Mike Patton - Infected Sounds

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User Info: therealeu

7 years ago#11

Patton did NOTDO ANY VOICES for L4D2, sorry.

They're using his original sounds from L4D still and giving him credit for those.

Any Patton fan should know that all of the new sounds are far weaker and lamer than any of the original stuff. It's sad and weak that they did that, and the quality of the game's sound FX has suffered greatly.

User Info: Iwantedzero

7 years ago#12
I thought it was Gabe someone...
I brought science!
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User Info: jon_infektion

7 years ago#13
I'm convinced if there's any weird sound anywhere Mike Patton is making it.

User Info: SEA_

7 years ago#14
In reproduction...
at your merry go
BYE BYE!!!!!!!
I'm suprised they censored the part in alanis morisette part about falling down on people in theatres but not this one-Flaid
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