The Patch actually fixed the Lag... :)

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  3. The Patch actually fixed the Lag... :)

User Info: sin_shenron

7 years ago#1
Finally a lag free match since I bought this one...

Who cares for all the other things the patch did or didn´t it at least makes me kill zombies in asingle shot inestad of a whole clip just to kill a zombie punching me at point zero.
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User Info: Gangsta_Grizzil

7 years ago#2
nah, it's still there. zombies still lag the game sadly
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User Info: Mutedfaithwi60

7 years ago#3
I tried the game this morning and it still was a lagfest for me.
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User Info: Liggittman

7 years ago#4
Terrible patch...New versus w/o incaps is a bad move and needs to be fixed. I loved messing with people and racking up those incaps!!!!!

User Info: Wroth

7 years ago#5
Beyond that it seems ok. That part is a shame, but I figure we'll be ok.

User Info: FoxyAreku

7 years ago#6
This game had lag? When? Been playing since release and never seen any that was that bad.
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User Info: animerj

7 years ago#7
the only time i had bad lag on it at all was release day, since then all ive had is a rare case of minor lag, except for on the local server matches.
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  3. The Patch actually fixed the Lag... :)

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