Left 4 Dead 2 Trade in Value

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User Info: nw63

7 years ago#1
anyone know how much i could get for this at gamestop? i'm wanting to trade it in towards mass effect 2 and am curious if anyone knows how much i could get for it.

User Info: bloodeyezack

7 years ago#2
in the same boat but I don't think I will have enough to get it >.<,
Gamertag: zeka991
Ebay > Gamestop

Seriously Gamestop/EBGames gives you **** money. You can't collect the money yourself unless you're 18, and if you do the store TAKES SOME. Otherwise it's just useless store credit.
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User Info: thedrizzle78

7 years ago#4
Try craigslist, its free(as opposed to ebay)

If you insist on gamestop, the only way to not get screwed is to stack trade-in multipliers. Your edge card combined with tier trade in offers(ie 2 games for and extra 10%, 4 for 20%, etc) is the only way to trade at gamestop. Otherwise, they are just stealing from you.

But to answer your question, maybe $20 if you are lucky.

User Info: kingdede77

7 years ago#5
Knowing gamestop, I would say they would give you $4 - $6. I once tried to trade in 2 games and they were going to give me $1. They were sort of old but come on now!
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GT: kingkirby77
The GS/EB around here won't accept N64 or Sega cartridges and they believe a gamecube will only get me $5.
GT = KeronSHB
Gohan: Who are you? Bardock: I... am your grandfather!

User Info: nw63

7 years ago#7
I got 30 bucks (which in my opinion is how much this game should have been in the first place. I'm satisfied... However, they were only offering 5 bucks for Bioshock.. Ouch

User Info: dokukaeru

7 years ago#8
29.95 plus 10% if you have a edge card

I am thinking of trading this in right now for ME2 since i only payed 39.95 for it.

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User Info: The_Real_Gte

7 years ago#9
The way to make GameStop worth it is watch for when they have big trade-in bonuses like an extra $10 every 3 or $20 every 4. Makes a great value if you have a couple cheapo games to trade in. Otherwise ya probably just don't use GS.
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User Info: KittyHeart

7 years ago#10
"Ebay > Gamestop"

i agree

unless theres some major trade in promo at gamestop, tradign in games there is like rip off city lol
~Miss KittyHeart
Be happy with what you have, be jealous of what you don't. :)
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