Infinite ammo in Survival Mode?

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User Info: imapyro9944

7 years ago#1

hello everyone! well yesterday a friend and i were playing left 4 dead 2 on survival mode on LIVE. when we got into a game we found that we had infinite ammo and did not have to reload our guns. it was a lot more fun than regular survival mode. but my question is how did the people whose game we got put into do it? did they use cheats or can you somehow turn on infinite ammo? i was playing on xbox 360 so i dont think they were modding unless they wanted to get banned...

User Info: pikmin1254

7 years ago#2
Modded server.
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User Info: imapyro9944

7 years ago#3

so the xbox 360 can have modded servers? how? i thought all xbox 360 games were run through m$ servers... how do you set a modded one up on xbox 360?

User Info: Lenneth435

7 years ago#4
you can't. they were using cheats.

User Info: TH3_K1D95

7 years ago#5
yeah it was a modded server. if you exit out of it and just play your next game on a local server then you still have unlimited ammo and stuff. modded servers are fun to play on. unless its versus.

User Info: imapyro9944

7 years ago#6

ok so can you tell which servers are modded or is it just the luck of the draw? survival mode is just too hard... and having infinite ammo is just too fun.

User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

7 years ago#7
It's viral. Simply put, a modder can mod his settings on his 360 then host a local server using his connection. When you connect, your 360 settings get changed as well. When you leave, your settings are still changed and if you a host a local server, you will use most/all of the changed settings. To change it back, host a Dedicated Server.
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User Info: icarax24

7 years ago#8
i hate cheats they ruin the fun and game.
today a guy made a cheat of a vending machine hill and no zombie could get us not even smokers and its dumb!!!! i hate cheats
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