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User Info: Moosh33

7 years ago#1
Look I know that some people may say that this is a waste and that there's no chance of Valve making this, but if there is, I'd like to share my ideas, and I hope you do as well.

Plot: The Survivors start out in a mansion in Angouleme, France, when a helicopter lands on the roof of the mansion. When they try to get into the helicopter, they are turned away when the pilot says that he only takes "true immunes", and that the Survivors are Carriers. After the helicopter takes off, the Survivors decide to make their way to La Rochelle, where they've heard trains are evacuating people to Slovakia. After making their way through Cognac they are picked up at a train station by a driver named Marie, (Killer Metro). After the Survivor Jean insults Marie, she drops them off a few miles from Chateau D' Ivoire, the next designated evacuation point. While walking to the train station they see an explosion and run towards it. They find that Marie's train has derailed and the fuel exploded. The loud noise also attracted a few hundred Infected, which the Survivors are forced to dispatch to get to Marie, only to find that she's dead. After making their way through the town and up a forest road, they are rescued from the roof of the chateau by a helicopter pilot named Etienne, (Blood Castle). While traveling to Paris, they see a group of Survivors signaling for help on top of a supermarket in Poiters. When they drop onto the roof though, hordes of Infected come down from an opposing roof and attack the helicopter. Etienne is bit, and starts to fly away in the copter, but he soon turns and crashes the helicopter into a building while the Survivors fight off the Infected. The ones they were trying to pick up were killed, so they decide to make it to the nearest town to try to be saved. After going through the countryside, they are picked up in Tours by a boat driver named Philippe, (Cabin Fever). Philippe drops the Survivors off in Orleans, as that is as far as the river goes, but he tells them that a highway will take them straight to Paris. After being forced to get off the highway, and traveling through a small village, they power up a generator to open up the gates of the wall that surrounds Paris, (Dead Way). The Survivors travel through the Louvre, Montmarte, and Beabourg Center; they take an elevator to the top of the Arc d' Triomphe where they answer a radio call for a helicopter to pick them up. Suprisingly, no Infected come. The helicopter lands, but as the Survivors go towards it, a Tank slams into the copter, sending it off the Arc. The Survivors retreat to the elevator, where the Infected try to attack them. After making it into a safe house, they start to climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, when they come to a viewing platform, answering yet another transmission, and being picked up for the final time by a French army helicopter, (Hero City).

User Info: Hell_Kitten13

7 years ago#2
Ugh, a change of setting would be nice ala france, HOWEVER you need to use paragraphs or some form of breaking up your text.
1250/1250: Left4Dead
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User Info: Moosh33

7 years ago#3
Age: 16
Hometown: Dover, Delaware Wears striped blue and white polo, blue jeans and has glasses. Very charismatic and friendly, seems to be in denial that they are part of a zombie apocalypse. Has a huge crush on Collette, for she is the only one allowed to call him Tommy.

Age: 19
Hometown: Angouleme, France
Wears a black biker jacket, a black shirt with a small rip at the stomach, black jeans with rips at the knees, and brown hair that sweeps down over her right eye. Rather mellow, verging on depressed. She does have feelings for Tom, but tries not to let on that she does. Jean
Age: 25
Hometown: Cognac, France
Wears skinny jeans, a designer shirt with a low V neck, and an ascot. Worked as a lowly assistant to a famous fashion designer, and the other Survivors had to teach him to fire a gun.

Age: 41
Hometown: London, England
Wears a navy blue suit dress and black heels. Was on a business trip to France when the Infection hit. Acts as a motherly figure to the rest of the group.

User Info: Moosh33

7 years ago#4
Sorry about the paragraphs, and there was a little mishap with the Survivors, so...

Age: 25
Hometown: Cognac, France
Wears skinny jeans, a designer shirt with a low V neck, and an ascot. Worked as a lowly assistant to a famous fashion designer, and the other Survivors had to teach him to fire a gun.

User Info: iceragon

7 years ago#5

its great but to much plot, this is a mindless video game for the most part but if it were a movie it'd be an amazing hit

User Info: SoonersAndMavs

7 years ago#6
Flashlights not attached to guns. Have to pick them up and use them as a separate entity from you're gun. Could have a melee style attack.

Upgradeable weapons. Maybe have like an ammo deposit that permanently upgrades your weapon. Automatic weapons could have bigger clips, shotguns could carry more ammo, or pump time decreased. Something.

Fix the lag (I don't know how, but it's always there no matter how good my connection is.)

Fix the Charger. He should not be able to grab me whenever he obviously should have fricken missed me, but ropes me in on the side while im the only survivor.

Just rename Adrenaline as Heroine. It's really what it is, stop trying to hide it.

If an immature person (any age, even if their 90) decides they want to play L4D3 and be a douche and either:
-Play Music on their Headset
-Scream like a banshee..... constantly
-constantly scream LEEEEEEERRRROROOOOYYYYY JEEEEENNNKIIINS (happened to me today)
-run the hell ahead when we are NOT rushing
-any other douchey stuff
You have the option to go to the in-game menu, and instead of calling to vote, call to have their xbox explode and burn them, then pee the fire out.
GT: Okiegun
Ca n yo u figur e ou t th e patter n ?

User Info: UndoubledZim

7 years ago#7
I would love to see more than 4 survivors in different areas of the world
I would REALLY love to see the outbreak as it happens with more non infected NPC's getting attacked etc
GT UndoubledZim I use a mic add me if you want to play = )

User Info: nonfickshun

7 years ago#8
iceragon hit the nail on the head. You have a hell of a story, but one of the things the separates the l4d franchise is the fun from simplicity. Simple story, simple guns, simple gameplay. If they start to add more to it, it's going to end up looking like it's trying to follow every other game in the industry.

New weapons, 5 campaigns, 2 new game modes, 2-3 new special infected, and the continuation of mutations sounds just fine to me.
GT: Nonfickshun- If you're adding me, tell me you're from GameFaqs
tl;dr: Don't forget to pick up your Ritalin prescription.

User Info: ponosmcgee

7 years ago#9
Just rename Adrenaline as Heroine. It's really what it is, stop trying to hide it.

I don't mean to call you specifically out on this, but I've seen/heard it way too many times since that damned flash movie thought it was clever. Heroin is an opiate. They used to use it instead of morphine in the UK. It makes you happy, kills pain, and puts you to sleep. The exact freaking opposite of what everybody who thinks this is funny seems to believe.
Hahahaha, Mace Windu can so awesome. -gandob

User Info: Moosh33

7 years ago#10
Just a question, where exactly is there too much story? Just wondering so I can edit.
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