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User Info: eastexmex

5 years ago#1
Looking for people to play AvP,LFD,LFD2,Red Dead,ODST,Reach,CDMWF4,Battlefeild 3,on xbox live member of the Akinbu Clan we dont use glitches if instrested look me up on xbox live Maru Ringletoad

User Info: overkill_78

5 years ago#2
Is CDMWF4 some kind of bastardization of CoD?
Left 4 Dead: Virus (see, cuz virus starts with V, and V is spanish for 5) - Severspine
Gametag: Nevik overkill

User Info: Windfall3332

5 years ago#3
I've always found bastardization to be an amusing word.
Okay, but no cape during sex.
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