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User Info: SHADOW0106

7 years ago#1
Where the hell is the Reach Spiker?

Did you not find it important enough to test for the beta? Or was it so perfect a weapon that you felt that it didn't need testing? Is it a Campaign / Customs only weapon? Does it have a "Plasma Repeater" version of it which is stronger? Will it appear on many maps? Will it ever appear in loadouts? What are the changes made to the weapon? Do you not care about B.U.N.G.L.E.? Come to think of it, where were the B.U.N.G.L.E. Signups for the Fall Season that were supposed to be on May 3rd? I never saw those. You promised that you would have them in the Halo 2 matchmaking message of the day thing. How will the blades be factored into the new melee system? How has the sound been beefed up? Since it is single wieldable, why wasn't their aesthetic changes to make it look more like a single-wieldable weapon? Do Brutes still fire it in one hand? Do Brutes actually use it's melee attack instead of slapping you? How much ammo will it hold? Is the rate of fire increased? Is there a ghost reticule for it which helps you to lead your shots? Do Spikes impale people to the walls? To the ceilings? Did you improve the Ricochet? Or take it out? I noticed the area above the drum is slightly different than in Halo 3. Why? Also, what's with the spike at the top of the grip? Is it supposed to be some sort of hammer for the gun? Or does it have some new sinister purpose? Will there be Spiker Gardens planted on most maps? Will there be special Spiker Spree Medals? What's the name of the medal you get for ten spiker kills without dieing? Will you increase the spawn times of it on the map because it's kinda annoying on map's like Rat's Nest when they take longer to spawn than the Rocket Launcher? Am I going to use up all 10,000 characters ranting about the Spiker? I sure as hell am going to try over the course of the beta. Do the spikes still glow super hot when they hit someone in the head? Does it take longer for them to despawn from a person's face? Because I kinda like leaving spike filled bodies around for my opponents to find. Are the spikes bigger? Do they have so much punch that they knock opponent's around? What changes will the B.U.N.G.L.E. Hawk Emblem see now that we can't dual wield Spikers? Will there be a B.U.N.G.L.E. Hawk Emblem for Player use in Reach? Or at least a Gamertag? Avatar? Theme? Group Theme? Will there be an Avatar for the Halo Reach Spiker, preferably oriented in the same way that the Halo 3 Spiker Avatar is? Is it possible to make a font for Microsoft Words that allows me to spell out letters using Spikers? Will Spikers be in your future projects? On a scale to one to ten, how much do you like Spikers? How many shots does it take to kill an elite? What about a Spartan? What about Brutes? Grunts? Hunters? Wraiths? Army Troopers? Jun? Prophets? Arbiters? Drinol? Oh snap Multi-variable Math Class in Five Minutes. Will the Spiker emit smoke as it fires, or have some grease bubbling out of the cracks of the gun? How do so many spikes fit into such a small drum? Are they magic? Is the glow of the barrel of the gun more pronounced? How exactly does the spiker fire? There are no holes for the spikes to come out of. Why are the blades made out of a tungsten alloy? What are the other metals in the alloy? I've seen spikers around the Bungie Studios. how many are there? Who made them? Are they sentient? Do they live in family groups? Can my stats page on

User Info: IdidNawt

7 years ago#2
Im still recovering from what you just did there.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
7 years ago#3
Oh God! It's crushing me!

Seriously, if you're going to post a useless string of irrelevant questions, at least space it out a little.
Total Woot

User Info: SHADOW0106

7 years ago#4
Can my stats page on have my Spartan Model holding a Spiker? If I begin firing my Spiker as I exit Sprint, will my spikes travel faster? Because I have a high initial velocity and with bullets as slow as the Spiker's it's got to make a noticeable difference. Are the Spikes deflected by Armor Lock? Or do they stick into the shield and fall out when the shield is turned off? Can I change my flight path with the jetpack using the recoil of the Spiker? If I fire the spiker straight up into the air, will the spikes eventually arc down and come raining down all over the map? Can the spikes exist as physical objects? So I could run up to a wall, embed a line of spikes into it, and use that as a jumping ledge to get to a higher platform? Can the Spikes ricochet more than once? How many spikers can we spawn in forge? Can we have Spiker Starts? How much do Spikers cost the Covenant to make in equivilant cR? Are they hand made on the Brute Homeworld? Do they employ Forerunner Technology or is it all Brute Engineering? What was the Halo 2 Spiker going to look like? How would it function? Were you heart broken when you cut it from the game? Did you cry yourself to sleep? Are the emotional scars healed now that it is in both Halo 3 and

User Info: Aubrey_Karew

7 years ago#5
Holy **** this ****ing morbidly obese extraterrestrial pile of robot **** killed me with a rocket from nowhere. Son of a *****. --Crit1kal

User Info: spartan----117

7 years ago#6
I'm a Bengals fan and I'm very offended by this topic

**** you TC

User Info: SHADOW0106

7 years ago#7
Halo Reach? Is there a story behind the first Spiker? What was the name of the Brute who invented it? What is the body of the Spiker made of? Does the new spiker look better now that it has more Polygons to work with? Can I use a Spiker instead of a knife in executions? Are you still reading? You better be. Are you going to show the Spiker off at E3? Are you going to take the time to explain all the functional changes to it? Are you going to give it it's own Vidoc? Podcast? TV Commercial? Blog Post? Weekly Update? Can we get a sound byte for it? Can there be a Spiker Emblem? Was the Spiker's return ensured or did it barely make the cut? Does the ghost of the SMG Haunt it? What causes the blue / yellow explosion at the end of the Spiker? Will there be a big stats page for the Spiker like there was for Halo 3? Is it still classified as a Type-25 Carbine? What do Carbines of Type-1 through Type 24 look like? Are there Carbines of higher types? Are they all Spikers? Or are some actually the Covenant Carbine? Has the Spiker Gained Weight between

User Info: Moeteimasu

7 years ago#8
too...much....information......bleugh X.X

User Info: SHADOW0106

7 years ago#9
Halo 3 and Halo Reach? Or did it go on a diet? Because it weighed 7 kg when loaded and I'm not one to judge people but it weighs almost twice the weight of the Assault Rifle. What do you feed that thing? It's the size of a house. Why do the Soldiers of E2-BAG/1/7 suck so much? Do Brute Mess Kits really have three knives? Or do they just use a Spiker? Is the Spiker safe for food preperation? I won't get Tungsten Poisoning from it, right? Would dialing the poison control center save me? Can I give my opponents Tungsten Poisoning in game? From both the blades and the Spikes? Why isn't their a Spiker in the Legendary Edition? Or maybe you should make another Edition of Halo Reach called the Spiker Edition. And it comes with two spikers. That would be awesome. Do Brutes have to sharpen the Spiker's blades? Or are they cursed to never go dull? Do the feed on the blood of their foes to increase their own vitality? What is the grip of the gun made out of? Leather? Canvas? Brute Skin? I wouldn't put it past them. Can I use the Spiker as a Flashlight in Campaign? To get around the lack of dual wielding in the game can I duct tape two Spikers together? Or three? But where should I duct Tape it? Most the gun is covered by Blades. I wonder how many Spikers I could duct tape together and still pull all the triggers. Maybe if I thread a wooden dowel in front of all the triggers and just pull that? Does it take a lot of force to push the trigger down? Will there be Armor Permutations where my body is literally covered in Spikers? Can I change my player model so that I am a sentient colony of Spikers? Can I have a +5 Vorpal Holy Spiker of Returning? I could totally kill Dragons with that. Are Spikers reccomended for slaying Dragons? What about otters? Pea-blam!-? Can I perform battlefield surgery with Spikers? Not just amputations, but are the blades fine enough to be used in substitution for scapels? Is it sanitary? I suppose it doesn't matter, if they -blam!- about infection later, I'll tell them that they would have died without my help. And then they can follow me around and become my official Spiker Polisher. He can also cart about extra ammo. Maybe I could cut off his hands and fit Spikers into them. That would be sweet. He would like cut everything he tries to pick up. Does Sage trim his beard with a Spiker? Does Joe Tung's Beard suck so much because you took a Spiker to it while he was sleeping? Does a Spiker bounce if you drop it from a 4-story building? Or does it break? Probably not, it's too awesome to break. Unless it explodes. Creating a new type of grenade in the game. I throw the Spiker, it's blades embed into my opponent, then it explodes. Suck on that Needler. You think your so cool. And pink. And explosive. Think you got seniority punk? "Spikers just a recolor of the original," huh? When I get to play the beta today I am going to find you and I am going to toss you off the nearest cliff on Powerhouse. Bungie should make a cliff in Swordbase too so I can toss it off there as well. Preferably the gun I would pick up as I toss the Needler off the cliff would be the Spiker but SOMEONE didn't put it into the beta. You know, you still haven't answered that question. And that makes me mad. You won't like me when I'm mad. And I have an upgraded version of Evade that allows me to spindash. Like Sonic the Hedgehog. But with a Spiker. Kinda like Zero from Megaman. Do that little rolling slash thing that causes a cutter blade to form and fly into your face. You should definitely put that into the final game. Yeah. Oh snap running out of characters. I have so much more to say! Achronos! Fix ur damn website! It only allows 10,000 characters in a post! I like Spikers, so I clearly deserver more characters so I can discuss them more fully. Do spikers operate under water? So, to summarize, moar Spiker Info soon or my Roflknife will go slice slice slice slice slice. Have I made my point clear yet?


7 years ago#10
Telling you to QQ moar is an understatement. BTW:
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