Starship Troopers?

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User Info: Patayin

6 years ago#1
So i was watching Starship Troopers last night and i can't help but notice that this movie reminds me of Halo.
I looked more into the novel/anime/movie and its surprising because the main character has almost the exact same armor as Master Chief. Needless to say i got pretty excited.

Do you think Bungie got some of their ideas from this novel/book/anime?
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User Info: Grim_AngelXx

6 years ago#2
I doubt it. The movie was more about killing bugs and finding the brain bug. Not very similar to Halo. The guns and armor do have similarities though. And there is no similarity between the book, Starship Troopers, and Halo in anyway. The book is basically a political novel about militarism.
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User Info: tigers5123

6 years ago#3
Bungie pulled thier ideas from a lot of places. I notice some Firefly and Stargate references in the lore/gameplay. Starship Troopers was no doubt one of thier many influences.

I especially noticed the Brain bug being similar to Gravemind. There are more references to literature and the like (including the Halo ring itself). Cool stuff if you feel like researching that kind of stuff.

Edit: Also to the guy above me did you not notice that the UNSC is a very militaristic political organization. If you haven't read the books I can understand how you wouldn't catch that however.
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User Info: AeolusTheWind

6 years ago#4
^^^what were the stargate references? Because I missed those
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User Info: ShinRaKnight

6 years ago#5

I haven't read the books, but in most Sci-fi movies and games we are become an militaristic society. And it seems to make sense. It would be difficult to start exploring and colonizing the universe without a strong support structure. The military is a strong structure.
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User Info: tigers5123

6 years ago#6
Mainly the "those that came before" aka the advanced society that came prior to human existance/influenced human progress and then just disappeared. I saw it as stargate, but I am sure there are other media forms that would fit that mold as well. When I was reading through the mythos of the Halo series I couldn't help but notice some similarities.

As for the militaristic society comment, that is very true. Basically what I was getting at is most people assume the UNSC began to become militarized due to the Covenant threat. The truth, however, is that the UNSC created the Spartans to deal with the outer planets who were constantly in revolt. (Another Firefly nod I am guessing).

It is also note worthy that there are a lot of common themes in Science Fiction that are true across the board (generally speaking of course).
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Firefly/Serenity = Sci Fi Gold.

User Info: wootwoot131

6 years ago#7
awesome. Totally thought this when I watched starship troopers a month or so ago. So much stuff is really close. I forget some of the specifics but in general it's there. One thing, Giant Scarabs???

User Info: TheOriginal7

6 years ago#8
Next time you hold a weapon in Reach, press the back button. READ.
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User Info: swiftninjav2

6 years ago#9
Yes, I was thinking that earlier today. I remember the space armour used in the TV show reminded me a lot of the Master Chief and the armour in the TV show reminded me of the normal marines. I also used to think the assault rifles looked similar along with the pelicans.
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User Info: Segador128

6 years ago#10
Gravemind was inspired by Audrey from Little shop of Horrors I think
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