Halo Reach GameStop Deal for $20

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User Info: K4V

7 years ago#1

User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

7 years ago#2
You mean deal for $20 and two games? It's not a deal, more like a ripoff.
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User Info: kite5166

7 years ago#3

From: Chuck_Bosworth | #002
You mean deal for $20 and two games? It's not a deal, more like a ripoff.

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User Info: neoskyler

7 years ago#4
Actually, It is a deal, Because two of those games on that list are sold used at gamestop for under 15$. Meaning you would be saving 10$ off of reach.
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User Info: CoDFraud

7 years ago#5
i might trade two games in from the list and get Halo Reach for 20$


User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
7 years ago#6
Gamestops "Deals" are laughable. Almost all of those games are new games that just came out, and they are only going to give you 20$ for them? You can sell them on Ebay for twice that.
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User Info: Boston657

7 years ago#7
Trading in ODST won't be a big deal since you're getting Reach, so just find another game on the list that you wouldn't mind trading in.

User Info: XDragoonXx

7 years ago#8
I traded in Demon's Souls and Assassins Creed II back when they did the deal for RDR

I was done with both games and didn't plan and playing either one anymore, and they were both worth less than 20 dollars if i traded them in, so I thought it was a decent deal
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User Info: LexingtonSt33L-

7 years ago#9
Now im sad. I dont have any of those games.

User Info: dragoon1622

7 years ago#10
That "deal" is a "steal" as in stealing your money.
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