Do you think you can fast forward faster or skip in theater?

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  3. Do you think you can fast forward faster or skip in theater?

User Info: IcyBlaze_XZ

6 years ago#1
Bungie's stance on the the theater in reach has always been "oh it's perfect anyway we're not changing much because it's perfect etc"

and then I read the latest update, and it seems like one of the few (and the biggest ) addition is being able to rewind in campaign, which is appreciated I'll admit.

But seriously, does no one else have a saved film worthy clip at the END of a game in multiplayer?

It's torture, especially on the longer games to fast forward until the end the game. It takes almost 10 real time minutes to fast forward through a 20 minute game.

Has bungie addressed this and I just missed it or what, because that would suck if it was exactly the same.
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User Info: SSBBaddict

6 years ago#2
I know! Is there something I'm missing? I have to hold down the right trigger and fast forward through the whole thing!
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User Info: K3wlness

6 years ago#3
In this week's BWU I think they said they didn't change much with Theater, but you can rewind stuff now.
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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

6 years ago#4
Pretty sure they added a skip forward and a rewind. I know for sure about rewind, but not about skip forward.
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User Info: skeeter1255

6 years ago#5

They said in the BWU, they added clips to theater mode. So hopefully we can go to the last clip really quickly

User Info: ShinjaNinja

6 years ago#6
1. Hold down RT
2. Pause the game.
3. Let go of RT

That fast forwards without holding down RT for 10 minutes.
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User Info: GeneralKenobi85

6 years ago#7
You can rewind in campaign videos now? What about making clips in campaign films?
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User Info: briman112

6 years ago#8
I hope they at it in...
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  3. Do you think you can fast forward faster or skip in theater?

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