Any tips on getting better at sniping/SWAT?

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User Info: fuzzyslippers2

7 years ago#1
I'm absolutely terrible at these game types and people ****ing pick them every time. I cannot get a headshot to save my life unless the person is completely still.

I tried playing with my sensitivity at 10 to react faster, it just made my aiming worse. Now I'm trying it at 5 and I still cannot aim when people are moving around me. I'm getting pretty frustrated because the last 6 games I've played have all been SWAT/snipers, and when we don't get either one of those there is always someone on my team yelling about how we all suck because we don't want to play them.

Its getting to the point where I just don't want to play because i'm so terrible at this

User Info: chrish909

7 years ago#2
Aim for the head, shoot. What other tips can you possibly expect.

User Info: renegade23450

7 years ago#3
play customs with friends

User Info: onep

7 years ago#4

SWAT is the best game for getting you in the habit of aiming for the head. The biggest piece of advice I can give is when your running around the map try to always have your aiming sights right at the ememies head level. That helped me a ton. The better you get at SWAT the better you'll be all around. Set the seaiming sensativity as high as you can handle it. I have mine set 1 click above the default setting and thats what works for me.

User Info: Luigi and Tails

Luigi and Tails
7 years ago#5
Aim in front of where their head is, so by the time you click the button they'll have moved into the trigger. It sounds a bit wierd but it's how I snipe, and I can hold my own as a sniper.
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User Info: patkelly929

7 years ago#6
"You Have To Shoot 'EM In The Head. Like in the old Zombie movies."

A cookie for who ever gets the reference.
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User Info: Blood554

7 years ago#7
Fallout 3?
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User Info: Toon_Link

7 years ago#8

You just have to keep playing. Also when using the battle rifle thing shoot and than wait for the reticule to get smaller. Maybe even try getting close and using a pistol since it shoots much quicker
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User Info: Faien

7 years ago#9
Fallout 3 quest from crowley. Where's my cookie?

User Info: patkelly929

7 years ago#10
Yay! Fallout 3 was the correct answer.
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