Fastest way to get credits?

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User Info: Paradox421

7 years ago#11
err....I pretty much always set up at least an overkill every time I shoot at the grunts, sometimes getting killtastrophes and whatnot. Every kill is a head shot, never die, and I only ever get about 1300. I also don't see how you are netting 1500-2000cR every round. Can one of you save an example to your fileshare? That'd be awesome.
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User Info: ryan0991

7 years ago#12

From: seankimberley42 | #008
Hey look, another person who thinks everyone is just as bad as he is.

Just get lots of head shots and lots of double and triple kills. Not very hard.

I get tons of double and triple kills and even a few overkills, but I still only get about 1300 every game.
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User Info: ryan0991

7 years ago#13

Go look at my medals.

I only got about 1300 for that.
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User Info: Itz_N0_M3RCY

7 years ago#14
Dude this is gamefaqs people kill whole armies by themselves in MM and have all the armor already.

User Info: Velvet_Llama

7 years ago#15
I've outsourced my credit farming to Taiwan.
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User Info: kpowski

7 years ago#16
By far it's score attack Grunts in the spawn point that puts you in the ammo room on Holdout. Because you never need to go far for ammo (you just walk backwards) and all the grunts are forced in one of two doors. They form a bottleneck and you can just ravage them. This video pretty much shows you step by step how to get easy credits. it's not exactly "fun" and gets boring after a while:

User Info: matt-nicklin

7 years ago#17
Gruntpocalypse is probably one of the best if you can get enough commendations, just go for headshots with the dmr.
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User Info: XioJenesis

7 years ago#18

From: heavenbound | #005
I dunno why yall tend to lie so much on here, you dont average 1500-2000k, ur full of crap. You'll average 1000-1300 w/out commendations which come alot slower after a few games. Most of mine are Silver/Gold so if urs are to and ur still getting 1500+ w/out commendations then post what exactly ur doing.

kimberly said you average 1500-2000 every 10 minutes. 1 game should only take 5 minutes. I get 1k each game, so two games, 10 MINUTES worth, would be about 2000.
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User Info: AdangerousGuy

7 years ago#19
Yeah its usually 1200-1300 a game I call BS on anyone always getting 1600. You get 5cr per grunt, there are ~110 grunts, so if you ONLY get headshots on every grunt you will get 550 cr. The match bonus depending on time and points can be from 200-350 then you get your cr bonus at the end which is 200-400. So you can get 1300 from being awesome, and the slot machine can put you slightly above the mark.

So unless you do PERFECT every time and get 300 slot machine points every time you won't get 1600 every time.

(This doesn't include when you earn commendations)
I personally finish right around the "5 MINUTES REMAINING" part so that means ~7 minutes to do a round and throw in another 2 minutes for loading map so nearly 10 minutes per run.
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User Info: Moukaryuu

7 years ago#20
I hear playing the game helps.
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