how do you get kats robot arm?

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  3. how do you get kats robot arm?

User Info: Monkins42

6 years ago#1
how/where do you unlock it in the armory?
GT: Alec8717

User Info: AnthonyAllen159

6 years ago#2
I'm almost positive you can't give your spartan a robotic arm.
There's no arm category in the (arm)ory either, below the shoulders you cannot customize your spartans arms.

User Info: KingProdigy617

6 years ago#3

srsly I want to know too.
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User Info: Monkins42

6 years ago#4
but i've seen videos of people using it
and people who j-tagged the game were using it
GT: Alec8717

User Info: hotshotsix

6 years ago#5
probably a wrist attachment you get at general or something crazy high.
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User Info: BestGamer4

6 years ago#6
Previous poster is wrong; you definitely can do it. I met someone with it in matchmaking today, but he was a super high rank. I forgot which it was.
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User Info: Alwc37

6 years ago#7
get LT colonel and you have to buy another chest piece to unlock it. Let me go find the link again, and yes it has pictures for proof.

User Info: Monkins42

6 years ago#8
do you think its a wrist attachment?
or a shoulder thing?
GT: Alec8717

User Info: Onikills

6 years ago#9

it's a chest piece with [R] at the end.

User Info: CinderChicken

6 years ago#10
Its a chest piece, the description is something like "should have cut the fuse longer" or something like that.
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  3. how do you get kats robot arm?

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