I have come to the conclusion that hatred of MLG is ALWAYS some form of jealousy

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  3. I have come to the conclusion that hatred of MLG is ALWAYS some form of jealousy

User Info: King_of_donkeys

7 years ago#1
Many MLG haters make outlandish claims such as "MLG ruined halo/gaming/life, but it is very easy to disprove such a thing. Competitive gaming has existed almost as long as games have existed, with players constantly trying to beat each other's high scores, and set world records for such feats. MLG did not invent competitive gaming.

Back in the day, competitive gaming was something for the most hardcore players only. They would compete only for the glory and the prestige of being 'the best', often with detriment to other aspects of their lives. No-one hated on them, people acknowledged their accomplishments, and with these accomplishments came a certain level of respect among gamers.

Fast forward to today, and the only thing that's essentially changed about competitive gaming is the fact that there's money to be made. It is this one simple change alone that has shifted paradigms, for no apparent reason. Nowadays, 'pro gamers' are met with derision and contempt, and for what? For playing games? Playing games just like us? The only difference between a pro gamer and any other gamer is the fact the pro gamer is actually making money from their playing.

And who can blame them? With videogames fast becoming widely accepted as both an art form and a recreational activity, it makes sense for it also to become more widely accepted as a competitive activity. As long as skill differences exist between players there will be the need to compete to see who is the best. Back when you first started playing sports did you ever question the fact that there are people in life who get paid money simply to do what a bunch of kids do in parks every day? I doubt it.

Let's face the facts. Videogaming as an industry is growing incredibly quickly. It would be foolish to expect people to not take advantage of that to make money. Hence why MLG pro players get sponsorship deals and are paid to do what you or I do every day in the comfort of our own homes. And fair play to them if they have the skill and the dedication to make money off such things.

MLG haters aren't hating the players for their actions or words and they're not hating the entertainment industry for making it possible. MLG haters are hating the label. World record holders for Donkey Kong or Asteroids are regarded with respect and recognition for their skills, whereas MLG pros are regarded with contempt. At the end of the day, what's the difference? A 3 letter label. That's all.
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Gameplayingperson 7 years ago#2

User Info: Winter_Genesis

7 years ago#3
The concept of a major league, dedicated to gaming simply makes me lol.

And i've being playing games all my life

User Info: maxxfreak1

7 years ago#4
TL;DR, but at the topic name, I just hate MLG because everyone associated with it is a huge *******. Like, all the time.
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User Info: Oaka23

7 years ago#5
MLG haters aren't hating the players for their actions or words

as far as I can tell a large portion of mlg hatred is exactly that

a large percentage of people that (at least say they) are MLG are douches
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User Info: rollingrandy

7 years ago#6
A lot of the real MLG players are actually pretty cool. All the ones I've met at least. But the little kids with MLG in their gamer tag and a huge MLG banner as their bio are usually annoying.
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User Info: Bloody_Sky

7 years ago#7
The only reason I dislike MLG is because every person I have met who claimed to be in the MLG, or whatever, acted like they were better than everyone else.

You get paid to play video games. Cool. Do you also get paid for being a complete ****?
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User Info: ll_LoneWolf_ll

7 years ago#8
correction, people who actually THINK they are MLG are ****, i'm sure the actual competitors are not

User Info: ReIaxiles

7 years ago#9
I don't care if you play MLG or not. But if you start saying that you're somehow a better player than me because of it, then we have a bit of a problem.
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User Info: Jaster27

7 years ago#10
I think the bigger problem is that people notice the jerk elitist MLG players, who for obvious reasons draw more attention to themselves that normal MLG players. Then people assume that all of them are as such, and it all goes downhill from there.
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  3. I have come to the conclusion that hatred of MLG is ALWAYS some form of jealousy

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