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User Info: GaMeR_JeNn

7 years ago#1
I am fairly fed up of this term. A plasma pistol + headshot weapon is how you are supposed to do it; it is why the plasma pistol is there. Is putting petrol in my car a noob combo because pros push their cars to work?

There is only so far you can go just DMR headshotting elites until you’re out of ammo. Then what are you left with? the AR in any game, or the weapon the last elite dropped (usually something overpowered with less than a full clip or a plasma rifle which is naff unless used as grunt repellent).

Everyone who thinks the plasma and headshot is a noob combo state what you do when your DMR is empty?

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

7 years ago#2
Do the noob punch. Just overcharge the pistol, shoot them with it, and punch them...... easy two hit kill combo. I actually think the Needler rifle has way to much homing ability. I shot one guys shields down and hit him in the foot right after his shields said I headshot him.
GT: Boomer and Tank

User Info: dapopeisback

7 years ago#3
I feel like I've read your post before somewhere. Anyways it was widely known as the noob combo in Halo 2 because it was too overpowered in this game and it just continued to be called the noob combo because it's still an easy way to kill a person although it's not as overpowered.

User Info: tp21

7 years ago#4
since obviously you're unfamiliar with halo (i.e. NOOB), let me help you out jenn.

since early in the halo days, plasma pistol to drop shields and a headshot weapon has been one of the most effective ways to kill, so when people are in tough situations, this is the go to tactic, so it is frowned upon. kind of like using manchester united in FIFA or the lakers in an nba game, gives you a huge advantage that "skilled" players feel they don't need.

User Info: GaMeR_JeNn

7 years ago#5
I am very familiar with the entire Halo series. I did not know it was called the Noob combo in H2, Reach forums was the first I heard of it.

I think its more of a pro combo, everyone runs for power weapons and I run for the plasma.
I see your rocket and raise you green goo plus a headshot.

Halo 1 it ruled, its not pro to camp, it not pro to crouch and shotgun, its not pro to nade random map areas. All of these can be called noob tactics.

Explain a pro combo to me then. Because it aint a rocket, snipe or shotty. DMR is not pro because its default.

Now an assassination only spree, that is pro.

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

7 years ago#6
There isn't anything as actual pro...... like during a DMR slayer match on countdown, I got the shotgun and the sword and proceeded to camp with both and get kills. I think it was a pro move, as they new that I was camping over there, but they kept coming back and giving me kills, I even got to get a new sword from one of them too.
GT: Boomer and Tank

User Info: ThermalStone

7 years ago#7
Noob combo was overpowered in H2 (although it still required skill to use.) On some maps, the plasma pistol was a power weapon and I would take it over a sniper, shotty, anything but rockets. In H3, the plasma pistol was nerfed to the point of uselessness. In Reach, the noob combo is effective but balanced.

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

7 years ago#8
It really isn't a noob combo as you actually have to find the plasma pistol to do it in the first place, unless you are playing elite slayer which you always almost start out with a plasma pistol. It should be considered noob rockets/snipers/shotgun/sword too as they also are easy to use and net you easy kills.
GT: Boomer and Tank

User Info: PumpltUpTo11

7 years ago#9
It got it's name from Halo 2. The plasma pistols tracking was ridiculous. It would ALWAYS hit you and was sort of hard to dodge. If you knew the maps well enough and knew how it's tracking worked, you could avoid it semi easily but most people saw it as too easy to use hence the term, "Noob Combo". I loved using it however. It didn't bother me at when it was used against me.
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User Info: Mr_Awesomeness1

7 years ago#10
petrol.... lol
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