star wars vs halo

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User Info: link4342

7 years ago#1
me and my friend were having a huge argument over this, he says that star wars would win over halo if the two universes ever collided, but I think halo would win, he says that the death star would just blow the crap out of any naval engagement and that the Jedi would choke the crap out of the Spartans on the ground, so now I’m asking you guys, which universe would win, keep in mind that this is any era in halo and star wars, this means that the Covenant, UNSC, flood and the forerunners would all be aliened and fighting against star wars, and all the parties form star wars would be fighting against halo. Oh and also the halo people would have access to the seven halos and the ark.

Who wins? And why?

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User Info: Inferno438

7 years ago#2
It seems pretty obvious that the Halo universe would win. I know you asked for reasoning, but I'd rather not write for ages on this lol.
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User Info: OldMooch

7 years ago#3
Never talk about either around chicks because that might be the nerdiest conversation I've ever heard. If you'da mentioned Gandalf it would have been.

But imo Star Wars trumps everything (if everyone would rally behind the Hutts).
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User Info: thatguy181

7 years ago#4
Giving the Halo universe the Halos kind of defeats the purpose of the battle. When the only way to "win" is to destroy not only your enemy but yourself in the process... You're still a loser.

I would have to give the victory to the Star Wars universe.

User Info: mudkip72

7 years ago#5
Only the Forerunners could have a chance at beating Star Wars tech me thinks.

Think about it, the best the Covenenant could do is burn 1 acre of planet every 15 minutes with each ship, Death Star could blow an entire planet up every 24 hours. Slipspace in Halo takes weeks, Hyperdrive in Star Wars is ridiculously quick from what I can tell.

User Info: stingerbrg

7 years ago#6
Star Wars wins by default in nearly all VS Topics. It's just a law of nature.

User Info: stingerbrg

7 years ago#7
But if you want "serious business" answers with a detailed layout of how the tech compares go ask the Star Wars board:

User Info: CloudsFenrir

7 years ago#8
^^^ i am one of nature's lawyers and the above is true. the best part would be watching the ewoks and grunts go at it.

User Info: The_WhiterideR

7 years ago#9
um...the Force cannot be conquered by anything except stronger Force. seeing as how I've heard Luke can rip apart Star Destroyers and move so fast it looks like he's holding twenty lightsabers, I'd say Star Wars wins. I know the Spartans are tough, and nearly indestructible, but the one thing they cant protect against is Magic, and thats what the Force is.
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
7 years ago#10
Powerful Jedi/Sith could force choke from half the Galaxy over, manipulate battles through meditation, have heightened senses (including precognitive abilities), can communicate telepathically, move star ships with their mind and a myriad of other things.

Bearing in mind that there are several characters in the SW history that FAR exceed those abilities.
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