Campaign survival tips ... for those that ...well, need tips

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User Info: Cats_of_Kliban

6 years ago#1
I'm not that great at shooter games, so I always look for an advantage over the enemy (& probably would even if I was good at it). It may be a wicked weapon I can bring from someplace unexpected, finding out I can just run by them, a place I can sit & wait the big battles out, or a position they can't get at, or whatever works.
One "I'm lame at this (example reason)" = the "take the shield down shot followed by headshot" on elites is beyond my fingers, so I need another way.

I've found some easy work-arounds so far in Reach:

- mission 1 = "forklift = safety". I put the forklift sideways in the skinny area in the final room & the elites can't deal with it. They don't drive & don't even try to beat it out of the way. They tend to just stand by it and grumble ...which makes them pretty much funny ...& easy to kill.

- oni base after elevator = "don't go there" = that crazy wicked elite that nukes everything? ...he (nor any of his friends) doesn't show up at all if you stay off the cross-walk between the buildings. After clearing the enemy on 2nd floor on left side building, I don't go in the final hallway. I go outside & walk on the ledge to the end, & then walk on the cross-walk railing to the other side ...& all the enemies that normally appear never spawn. I get a free-run to the rocket launcher thing (though the 2 shield guys + 1 elite are still on the open area). Saves time/ammo/effort/nuked frustration.

- oni base after doing part b(either can be a/b): using co-op, with 2nd player left at base door (on left, on rocks) & after doing part b, I go towards the enemies between part a & b (which I avoided until now)...& the game teleports me (with vehicle) back to my partner by the door. All enemies are down by the water, so I can go straight to the door & skip that final outside base fight if I want.

- often (not always) getting in the gunner seat of a wraith will cause the driver to get out so you can shoot him (& avoiding damaging the vehicle).

So, are there other missions that using the forklift for blocking, or walking someplace different, or taking advantage of co-op partner teleporting, or any other tactic ...that will save me time/effort/deaths?

I know you hard-core successful shooters probably despise my "whatever-works" approach, but I find abusing software as satisfying as you do facing Godzilla with a toothpick. We both have a common goal ... but where you would nuke an ant, & then hunt down his family, ...I would just take a taxi to the other side of town, have a beer, and casually walk to the final goal. Just so you know ...I HAVE managed to finish 7 of 9 missions on legendary, so I'm not a complete waste

So ...what survival tricks would anyone care to share?

. .. ... ....

User Info: kwong0028

6 years ago#2
Heroic: Grab any precision weapon, like DMR, Needler, Sniper, and go to town from far enough away. Use headshots to pick off as many enemies as possible before advancing. Your kill order should be grunts, jackals, skirmishers, brutes, elites... so pretty much shoot the kill in the fashion of least resistance. You should die much much less compared to spraying and praying with AR, nuking nades, etc.

Legendary: Grab a precision weapon and a plasma pistol, which you will want to constantly swap to keep up ammunition. Kill in the fashion mentioned above, through the path of least resistance, from far far away. The only difference is you save the elites, don't waste bullets on their heads until you've closed in on them and drained their shields with a charged plasma shot.

And in general, don't be afraid to run. If you book it when your shields are down, you might "look" like a coward, but you'll live to kill them later. If you stay and fight like a "hero" you may get one or two kills, but you will die and hate yourself forever. So take it slow, from far away, with headshot weapons and you'll be fine.

User Info: ThunderCavalier

6 years ago#3
imo, if you're going to pick equipment, for anything like Heroic or Legendary you should either pick:

Sprint (In case your shields drain and you want to avoid dying.)

Armor Lock (For pesky Phantoms and other vehicular fire, as well as the Jackal snipers that won't stop fricken shooting you.)

Hologram (Because the Covenant is a bit more stupid than the average online player. ... Debatable, though.)
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User Info: KutKuSlayer

6 years ago#4
whoever said kill the cannon fodder first is right.

if you clear the grunts, jackals and skirmishers out, you'll get a lot less overcharged plasma bolts and needle rifle shots coming at you. then you can focus on the brutes without worrying about having no shields all of a sudden.

tip for shield jackals:
shoot the indent in the shield where the jackals hand is (use a precision weapon for this, automatics dont work so well) this will make the jackal 'stagger' and his shield will not be covering him for a second, then headshot him for a quick kill (2 shots per jackal for the DMR).
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User Info: NoOneistheOne

6 years ago#5
With a needle rifle, you can shoot the unarmored part of a Hunter's back( around the ''kidney'' area) from far away and cause a needle explosion the remove his back armor plating, making them easy ( easier ) to slaughter.

User Info: Goken02

6 years ago#6
on mission 1 many of the early fights can be ran right past without much trouble when the elies come along though hug the cliff and jump over the hut dont forget to sprint.

in the final part of the mission after the cut scene that area has 3 gas tanks on the right hand side you can take out all the enemies (probably not the zealot but sometimes him too) by blow those up.

the corridor where the forklift can be used to block in you can also climb up the pipes for a great vantage point.

hologram is invaluable on nightfall for checking if the area ahead is safe and drawing out enemies.

oni sword base after you beat the wraiths you can find a rocket launcher in the same area give that to a soldier and stick em in the passenger seat.

you can with some effort persaude the gause hog to come with you into the parking lot also works with revanants.

on tip of the spear shades can be used to take out the anti air guns from far away just arc the shots far into the air so they hit the gun part.

in new alexandria using the falcon you can shoot into the building that has the holographic frigate killing most of the enemies before you land just watch for red reticule.

User Info: KutKuSlayer

6 years ago#7
a great thing on winter contingency:

grab the truck, and drive it through the level as normal.

then when you get to the part where you have to defend the marines while a falcon comes to pick them up, wait for the covenant to group up on the road, then gun the truck straight through them (use the E brake to slide the tail out and splatter more of them).
so much fun on co-op.

also, at one point you can plasma pistol stun the falcon out of the sky (videos on youtube.)
Naked and covered in the blood of innocents... ah the disturbing shenanigans - Dark_Apostate
GT: Adligaspgh
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