gray fox code?

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User Info: HatchetHound

4 years ago#11
The other DLC is up(MGS4 costume, etc), but my code still doesn't work. So maybe it'll be awhile.
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User Info: CalistoCoon

4 years ago#12
Still no luck

Does anyone's codes work?
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User Info: Koonez

4 years ago#13
yup code still not working.
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User Info: louisoquinn

4 years ago#14
Yeah, mine isn't working either. Says it's not a valid code. D:
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User Info: Sorugue

4 years ago#15
Same here, Not really sure who to call on this one, Not Gamestops fault as they are issued the codes through the company so they wouldnt really be able to do anything.
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User Info: 0xHakux0

4 years ago#16
Code is still not working.

User Info: ZombiePyroNinja

4 years ago#17
My code isn't working as well

User Info: Gnosis_Guyver1

4 years ago#18
same here not working
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User Info: xAssassinx87

4 years ago#19
Ok so what should we do guys ? I want my fox blade

User Info: A_Wasted_Life

4 years ago#20
I'm getting nervous >_>
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