gray fox code?

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User Info: Phoenon4

4 years ago#251
Worked for me as well.

GT: PhoenonX
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User Info: Tention

4 years ago#252
glad this issue is resolved. gray fox suit is looking awesome. I've yet to try out the fox blade, but it seems like it's going to be OP
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User Info: Gnosis_Guyver1

4 years ago#253
is it me or does grey fox exoskeleton look a tad bit fatter kinda like grey fox gained weight
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User Info: Tention

4 years ago#254
Gnosis_Guyver1 posted...
is it me or does grey fox exoskeleton look a tad bit fatter kinda like grey fox gained weight

it just looks a bit bulkier is all. more muscular. so technically, that would be gaining weight hah.
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User Info: emperor420

4 years ago#255
code works now- central US- about 730pm

User Info: ___Django___

4 years ago#256
Worked. Loving the Gray Fox skin and Fox blade :D

Now I just want them to hurry up and release that Sam DLC :P
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User Info: soju

4 years ago#257
ray12a posted...
MHGALE posted...
ray12a posted...
why waste time trying to reason with such a hostile and cancerous mentality that simply writes off compassion, empathy and understanding as "idiotic".


you're whining about a player model like a spoiled child, I can't even take you seriously. your trivial, first-world inconveniences don't need to escalate into shameful, hate mongering confrontations, you just need to shut the hell up more often.

Don't act all high and mighty, god forbid I get upset over something I went out of my way to obtain not working when it's supposed to. I really hate people like you, who think every time someone complains about anything they should be looking through someone elses perspective.

patience and understanding are equivalent to being "high and mighty" in your plane of existence?

you're awesome. I bet untold numbers of people travel for miles just to bask in and reflect upon the enlightening, life-changing fragments of growth and wisdom your immaculate comprehension of reality exudes like a guiding light amidst a dark sea of broken promises, blatant disregard for consumer loyalty and other poor business practices.

yes, you, He Who Has Vastly Superior Understanding of Supply, Demand, Production and Distribution, have come a long way from a realm of intellect so far beyond our imagination to GameFAQs, just in the nick of time to deliver us inferior creatures from the tyrannical clutches of Konami and its equally atrocious co-conspirators and their grand scheme to usurp earthly democracy and justice with untrue promises of video game content. We are all so overjoyed you've traveled here to usher us simpletons into a new, brighter future with your fresh and expertly crafted opinions and suggestions on how heinous, consumer-exploiting video game businesses should operate from this day forward.

no, really

let's make this a big deal

Oh my ... So many big words! Yes Ray, we get it. You're a very worldly person.

You're acting like we're talking about a kid who stole a loaf of bread to feed his starving sister. We're not talking about the world and its ills. We're talking about business ... Specifically this game and the people responsible for this debacle. You act like you've never been upset about anything other than world hunger. No one here has said this code thing is their one and only concern, or that it's the issue that's closest to their heart. That's your assumption. That's where he gets the "high and mighty" idea about you. This is a message board to discuss this game, including how we feel about it, and the companies who develop it and sell it.

You really have zero room to talk about being hostile. Every post you've made has been aggressive and is filled with name calling. But, I'm sure talking with you is like talking to a wall. You can clearly only see fault in everyone else. You seem to lack "compassion, empathy, and understanding" yourself. Rather than understanding why people are upset, you just take it upon yourself to skewer them instead.

Why are you here anyway? Shouldn't you be out saving the world?

User Info: CyanicKnight

4 years ago#258
Back to the actual topic the ninja skin is pretty awesome, except they cut it on scenes but pretty neat falling from above and stabbing your enemy in the back.
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User Info: NinjaBBehrens

4 years ago#259
Yeah, I am quite satisfied with it aesthetically. Not having it in movie scenes was expected by me, so it wasnt an issue. Most of the stealth kill animations looks especially cool with the Ninja skin.

User Info: ReaperM24STI

4 years ago#260
I wanna Trade a PC steam account with: COD4 MW3 BO2 Crysis2 Dirt2 Deadspace NFS and a few other games for a CODE for Gray FOX no bull, i dont use my steam anymore and wanna trade it in for something i want. you can imbox if you wanna trade

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