gray fox code?

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User Info: happynoodleboy7

4 years ago#41
So Konami is having issues with codes? How ironic.
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User Info: Tention

4 years ago#42
it says right on my receipt that the code isn't live yet. probably tomorrow or in a day or two.
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User Info: zues0406

4 years ago#43
Oh thank god I was flipping out, I thought I got a messed up code it's good to see other people having the same I don't feel alone lol p.s I want my gray fox skin NOW!!

User Info: emperor420

4 years ago#44
yep- code not working

User Info: xAssassinx87

4 years ago#45
Still nothing ?

User Info: 0xHakux0

4 years ago#46
Nope, just tried.

User Info: Phil_Major

4 years ago#47
So glad it's not just me....

I'm sure it will get fixed soon enough. Still not working as of 7:30 pm EST.

User Info: suzukimatsui

4 years ago#48
Yea they said that Microsoft is sorting out the whole issue which in this case would indeed be Microsofts fault on the matter

User Info: darthrusel

4 years ago#49
employee from gamestop (Actually, a GOOD one, believe it or not) said that the codes aren't active yet, but they ARE working on it.

User Info: reaper329

4 years ago#50
The manager at my local Gamestop told me the same thing you guys have been saying, so...added verification, I suppose. :p
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