Easter Eggs

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User Info: Dirn2

4 years ago#1
I found one in the giant room right before the boss Mistral. There is a tunnel where you find a bunch of cardboard boxes piled up in a dead end and if you start chopping away at them, it'll reveal an enemy hiding in them. You'll then get a codec message saying "I wonder where he got that from", obviously referencing Snakes iconic method of stealth.

Has anyone found others?
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User Info: Pirateking2000

4 years ago#2
during the Monsoon speech if you look around one of the guards randomly plays with a cat
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User Info: Sharp_Cheddah

4 years ago#3
there's a "Lightning Bolt Cafe" in Denver, after Sam's speech.
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User Info: hyperskate65

4 years ago#4
Cutting the caution tape off of posters shows the women and gets a remark.

Also, blade mode cutting the cardboard cutout in Denver in the first building you go in will turn her into a leather clad female.

Not saving gives a different conversation with Courtney.
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User Info: Dirn2

4 years ago#5
Why is a guy playing with a cat an easter egg? I haven't seen it yet myself but I'm curious...
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4 years ago#6
Yeah, they're the MIB (Men In Boxes). I already got the achievement for finding them all. If you look at the "collection" tab from the main menu after killing these guys, you get to see their cards, showing them in dramatic poses with their trusty boxes.
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User Info: Krymzonbladez

4 years ago#7
the sombrero is the same as the ones in the movie the three amigos, though the poncho is closer to the man without a name in the clint eastwood movies. Not to mention the whole "detroit pioneered the use of cyborg policemen..." comment. This game is Full of easter eggs.

User Info: turtlej-man

4 years ago#8
Also, basically the whole first encounter with George in the sewers. More than 1 reference to Ninja Turtles.

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User Info: Amidamaru_

4 years ago#9
Perhaps not a full easter egg, but first we have Raiden in MGS4. Then we get the augments in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, who look slightly like Raiden.

And now we have the cyborgs in MGR:R, who look quite a bit like the augments in DE:HR. At least to me they look like them.

Combine that with the earlier mentioned "Detroit pioneered the use of cyborg policemen"...

User Info: Krymzonbladez

4 years ago#10
i think the detroit pioneering cyborg policeman was robocop, he wasn't a cop in DE:HR after being cyberized....

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