DidI screw up with my sword leveling?

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  3. DidI screw up with my sword leveling?

User Info: dextromex

3 years ago#1
I leveled my gray fox sword 100% including special effect, with my muramasa, hf blade both having only 1 upgrade each. Im about to earn my HF wooden sword and HF machete, both 1 away from each.

I was thinking I could smash through all revengence with fox blade (getting poorer scores sadly) WHILE getting all collectables, and earning more BP to fully upgrade my Muramasa and THEN get S class ranks.
I split my save incase I wanted to upgrade my muramasa with my 100k (though im a lil past now, prolly even more so depending on time of reply :P ), but Im thinking the fully upgraded w/ special fox blade will just help me get all data packs and lefts arms/ (maybe even revengeance runs, not S though) more quickly.
THOUGH it seems fullly upgraded muramasa vs fully upgraded fox blade, muramasa is still better in boss fight which is the one problem :/

so idk if that was a poor decision. because Im not even counting all the BP Id need to upgrade the extrra swords Im trying to earn in the first place with the left arms and data packs.
I have infinity wig a, and now that im shootin for b, it almost seems like infintiy b wig makes gray fox slightly obsolete as well if you can go in ripper mode 24/7 which seems same effect as fox sword w/ special effect..

Anyways, any input would be great. thank you for reading!

User Info: d100Productions

3 years ago#2
I'm going to assume your taking a long approach to asking for a good way to farm BP. Well.


Those are two pretty popular methods. But I prefer the AI Mistral fight for farming.


Granted I don't do it that way. Rather I try to lure Mistral as far away in a corner from the tube I want to farm, and immediately run over to it and do a sharp turn to the opposite side in attempts to get Mistral opposite of me and unable to attack or approach as she'll just keep walking towards me and not be able to get past the tube. When you get here you can just Ninja Run in a corner and spam your sword attacks to rack up your combo counter and stop when you feel it's high enough and rake in all the BP.

Used this method once and I never ran out of BP. Ever. Having the Blade Wig (not Blade Mode) makes it easier too BTW.

And as a side note. Yes. Fox Blade is a bit of a liability due to it's ability to cut whenever it chooses, if your going by that method it's just better to use the Blade Wig up til you hit bosses and switch over to the Blade Mode Wig.
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  3. DidI screw up with my sword leveling?

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