The Worms2: Armageddon Weapons Thread

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User Info: Dodgymat

8 years ago#1
If you see any articles, videos or screenshots with the weapons for Worms2: Armageddon, please link to them here so we can discuss the new and existing weaponry :)

I'll start with this video :

Pause it at 4 seconds in and you can see the following :

Cluster Bomb
Fire Punch
(which means Dragon Ball is obviously next to it but not shown)
Lightning Strike
Skip Go

.....further to those listed, I also found a preview from a couple of months back on destructoid which mentions a few of the new tools that will be at our disposal.

It confirms the existence of the Airstrike, Holy Hand Grenade, Concrete Donkey and Super Sheep.

It then goes on to talk about Electromagnet which apparently "can be dropped on the map and has two polarities, attract and repel. Metal objects, such as landmines and missiles (including those from an Air Strike) react to the magnet, either drawing them in or flinging them wildly through the air. It's highly chaotic and offers interesting opportunities for both offensive and defensive play."

Next up is Bunker Buster which can "be directly dropped (via plane) anywhere on the map and, upon impact, drills deep into the ground before exploding out horizontally, opening up caverns to attack."

Then we have Gas Pump which has the ability to "fill a huge network of tunnels with poison gas that depletes enemy health after every turn."

Finally the new weapon shown on the weapon panel at the top of the post, Lightning Strike, is mentioned in some detail. "Lightning Strike sends a bolt of electricity wherever you target with varying effects. If it strikes the gravestone left behind by a deceased Worm, for example, the Worm returns to life. When lightning hits a magnet, its polarity is reversed, making repelling magnets now a very dangerous thing to stand next to. I've been told that there are other applications for a Lightning Strike which Team 17 has decided to keep quiet on for the time being, so there still may be a fair bit of cool tricks to discover with the new tool."

All in all it sounds like a lot of new great weapons are "incoming" which can only make for more fun, and hopefully more strategical games.
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User Info: Dodgymat

8 years ago#2
Oh boy, just found another old preview on mentioning the weapon list. He states that when shown the game he was forbidden from taking pics, so made lots of notes instead.

I'll only list the ones not already mentioned.

Super Bunker Buster
Napalm Drop
Auto Turret
Jet pac
Baseball Bat

Keep in mind, that's not everything...that's just all he was able to get down.

In total the screen has 48 open slots for weapons, this includes 6 locked slots at the bottom, which are apparently being saved for DLC. Speaking of DLC, he says the current plan is to launch the game and then, some time after, launch a massive DLC pack which will add "a whole new way to play the game." So it's not just a bunch of add-on themes etc.

If my maths is correct, this thread now lists 33 out of the 42 goodies that will be available at launch. 34 if you count the normal sheep which hasn't been mentioned yet, except in the achievement list.
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User Info: Etherealwalnut2

8 years ago#3
Holy poop! Thank you for this! I am VERY excited now!

User Info: halo4life

8 years ago#4
This is terrible considering there were 60 slots in the original Armageddon.
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User Info: Dodgymat

8 years ago#5
Actually there were 65 In Armageddon . F1 - F12 and 1 row for Utilities. Why you think ''this is terrible'' considering this game has most of the old favourites and some exciting new additions is beyond me. Quality > Quantity.

Anyway, negative unfounded views from people that haven't played the game yet aside, here's some new weapon info from the Team17 Facebook page :

Sentry Gun called Auto Turrent earlier in the thread.
Buffalo Of Lies : The Donkey’s nemesis, this Trojan Buffalo will cause havoc!
Petrol Bomb : This cocktail packs a mighty roasting for enemies.
Drill : Dig to victory with the pneumatic drill.
Poison Strike : Germ warfare!

This thread now contains 37 out of the 42 slots that will be available at launch!
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User Info: Eji1700

8 years ago#6
It seems like many of the "new" weapons aren't really new to the worm series, just to armageddon. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it seems to be a shame that there's nothing completely new listed.

User Info: Dodgymat

8 years ago#7
I've played all the Worms games since Amiga, except the PSP / DS versions. Are you saying that weapons like Lightning Strike, Electromagnet, Bunker Buster, Gas Pump & Buffalo Of Lies have appeared in some form in those versions?
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I hate 95% of gamers

User Info: buzzyon

8 years ago#8
Damn, I want Old Lady :(

User Info: GrimmTrixX

8 years ago#9
banana bomb and super banana bomb come i hope. dont forget, DLC pakc will probably have even more. I miss the monkey one and priceless ming vase too. they probably cut some out cuz some are too similar. i mean old lady is a sheep that walks, patsys magic bullet and homing pigeon were almost identical.

whats different between buffalo and donkey? does buffalo go across and donkey go down or something? I NEED an aqua shep too, i am rediculous with aqua sheeps. either way this game looks sooo much better than worms world party and my bud and i played that game allll day.
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User Info: zero829

8 years ago#10
Buffalo runs across exploding everything in its path for a little while. It can be incredibly deadly if you have a lot of people and land in front of you. Donkey just goes straight down.
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