Level Editor needs to be in New Super Mario Wii

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User Info: neonhyena

8 years ago#1
With Little Big Planet making impact out there, Nintendo should really include a level editor in this game. How long have Mario fans longed for their own Mario level creation in a game by Nintendo, and not something debugged or programmed from scratch?

This game is the perfect time to finally put in an editor. Four people to try out the levels at once? around 80 levels, just like on the DS? There's got to be plenty room on a Wii disc for an editor.

How many of you out there realize that this would be a great opportunity for Nintendo to seize, and, just as I do, suspect that no such feature will be included?
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User Info: Vermineater

8 years ago#2
If there was going to be an editor, they would've announced it. That would add a lot of replayability and sales, so mentioning it at e3 would've been a given. I'd love for it, but it wouldn't happen. D:
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User Info: BowieX

8 years ago#3
Well actually they wouldn't have announced it if they're still working on it and not sure if it'll be ready in time. There's been no word that there WON'T be one. But I ain't gettin' my hopes up obviously.

Without online, level editor is MUCH less likely.
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User Info: neonhyena

8 years ago#4
I thought of that, too, that they would want to announce such a big selling point at their E3 show. Then again, as the hype dies down and the game nears release, that could certainly "re-sell" the game later on by revealing it.

I know I'm dreaming big. The sad part is that a level editor in a (mostly) two-dimensional platformer for a current-gen system shouldn't be an impossibility. Of course, I'm no programmer, but most of us know enough about the process, and have seen other examples in the industry to know that it's possible.

Obviously some complicated game elements would not work for user creation, but a grid-based block insertion editor is a given.
Milwaukee - 24/M

User Info: Japanese_Animes

8 years ago#5
I'd love a level editor, but knowing Nintendo it won't ever happen. I'm already disappointed enough that there will be no online.
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User Info: gnerdus

8 years ago#6
If you want a Mario level editor just use Lunar Magic.
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User Info: HokutoNoBen

8 years ago#7
Well technically, they haven't officially announced the Koopalings either. So maybe there might be more than a few share of surprises in store...
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If they added a level editor, a bunch of kids would create impossible levels ala Mario Frustration. Murder-suicide rates would skyrocket, and Nintendo would have a ton of lawsuits to deal with.
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User Info: Jellyfloater

8 years ago#9
They'd probably make it so you have to complete the level to save it, like in Mario vs Donkey Kong 2.
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User Info: hahaae

8 years ago#10
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