So what happens after you beat World 9?

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User Info: Terminal Omega

Terminal Omega
8 years ago#1
Is there anything after you beat World 9? And what about collecting all the coins for World 9? Does that unlock anything or is it just for the videos? Ummm I guess there are going to be spoilers in this thread (duh) so consider yourself warned.
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User Info: KarmaCow

8 years ago#2
After you get all the star coins, you get a message saying you completed everything. That's it.
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User Info: KeVeNz

8 years ago#3
the shroom houses never disapear.

that's all.

User Info: AdmiralQball

8 years ago#4
Don't listen to them, World 10 s awesome.
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User Info: 01slayer

8 years ago#5
^Obvious lie is obvious.
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User Info: Alex_Sage

8 years ago#6
How is the lie obvious? I haven't even touched little boys since this game came out.
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