One Djinni, two/many djinn

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User Info: Shadowed_Mage

6 years ago#1
That is all.

It would be like that time He-Man and Mr T punched each other at the same time. That's what caused the 80s
- lvl54spacemonkey |

User Info: helmaroc1

6 years ago#2
I thank you, good sir. Remain ever vigilant!

User Info: ReddShope

6 years ago#3

No silly. It's one djinn, two or more djinns. 

User Info: StormyAngel

6 years ago#4
CRPGfreek posted...
That is all.


I feel guilty for some reason...

User Info: Darkfire208

6 years ago#5
ie liek so tootaly no stuf Yhea!

User Info: HyrulianJedi

6 years ago#6
One Djinn, two Djinn, red Djinn, blue Djinn.
I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.

User Info: Psalm51

6 years ago#7
And what would you like with your tonic? Two Djinn perhaps, or might one Djinni do?
King David, the enigma. Me? I don't think so...
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  3. One Djinni, two/many djinn

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