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User Info: abyss_huntress

7 years ago#101
When It comes to making money I found a way that works for me. I changed my store to one that was associated with Alvarado and bought enough to put on a mannequin. It's not that hard to make about 2.5k to 3k in one sell doing this. I think I have over 60k right now in my shop funds. Also any time the hairstylist or the magazine journalist come in willing to spend a ton of money load them up with Masquerade or Alvarado clothes even if it looks ridiculous.
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User Info: Jackieblue21

7 years ago#102

Michelle here!

Someone asked a question about making money on this game.

Here is a few tips you could try:

Win Contests for Masquerade items. Masqerade items are expensive and very popular with in most customers. You don't have to spend any money either! You just have to give up some time.If you buy a lot of a certain brand, you might be asked to collaborate with them. If you get a collaboration offer with an expensive brand, like Alvarado, you can get items that wll sell for a lot of money but won't cost you anything! Plus, YOU get to pick the colors. How cool...Change your store interior so that it is affiliated with Alvarado. Buy the cheapest pieces of Alvarado at the beginning. That way, it saves you money and you can begin collaborating with them. Once you get more money, you can buy expensive pieces. **Don't ONLY buy Alvarado though. Sonata and AZ USA are often affiliated with interiors that Alvarado is too. You need to have diversity in your stock.Shopping Citites: If you put 3 complete Masquerade outfits on the 3 mannequins in Shopping Cities, you will make a LOT of money...trust me! I time traveled a little to get 3 complete outfits and I was raking in the money! Right now, I have 99,000 at home, store, and in shopping citites. It works, trust me.Mannequins: Mannequins in your store are great! You can put a VERY expensive, weird outfit on it and someone will eventually come along eager to buy it! If you put an outfit on all of your mannequins, you will sell more outfits on the mannequins. It also helps bring customers into your store.Nuances: Win a few contests and you will have the oportunity to be featured in Nuances! It brings more customers into your store and gets you money. How? Well, if you feature expensive Alvarado clothes in it, TONS of people will come in eager to buy it. Also, you get to design a models outift and they will pay an unlimited amount for it. Who cares how it looks...you can always redo a magazine interview later on. Just focus on the price of the outfit. The game is set so that Felicity and the model will just loveeee your outfit and will pay anything for it. This is your chance to make an outfit that is ugly, but full of pricey Alvarado and Masquerade items!Focus on the people with high price ranges. This way you can get more money from one customer. If you might notice, there are some people who will spend thousands of dollars. Usually these people come into the Alvarado affilated store. Help these people right away and make sure to make a good, expensive outfit!10% off sale: Make a sale of 10%. I know what you are thinking. "How will I make any money if I am having a sale?" Well....customers who come to sales usually have a high price range. Also, customers are more willing to buy things because its a "sale". Most of them will ask you for a whole outfit which means...LOTS OF MONEY FOR YOU!!! Sales are a great way to go!Ads: Send out ads with very expensive items on it. Make sure you have a lot in stock because these items will go flying out your store! People are always eager for the items featured in Nuances and ads.

Hope these tips can help you out! If you have any more questions, please ask!

****I'll be here ever often continuing Michelle's Weekly Tips and Secrets.

Wanna know a really cool thing? While I was in New York, I saw two stores that were from Style Savvy. AZ-USA and Alvarado!! Aparently, AZ-USA is a Japanese inspiredstore or something. It was really cool to make that connection between New York and Style Savvy.

User Info: jujuba1112

7 years ago#103

Sorry, haven't been on line for a while and that is so cool! I wonder if there are more sotrres from style savvy in the real world.

User Info: Fashionistarule

7 years ago#104
Hey, Michelle.
I need help. I bought a bunch of outfits at the Buyers Center. I also want to Dominic's Mansion and added more stockroom. But when I went to my shop, it wasn't there. That was worth $2,000! Where is it? Please help!!!!

User Info: ExquisiteEliza

7 years ago#105
Does Dominic ever step out and ask her on a date?This question has been haunting mee! PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!! i love your posts they help me a tonnn :) &&i was also wondering if you will still need help on your website? i can help :D pleaseee answer,thankyouu.

User Info: ExquisiteEliza

7 years ago#106
What are shopping cities and how do i go to them? PLEASE ANSWER :)

User Info: Sailormoon7

7 years ago#107
You can get to shopping cities from the main menu on style savvy. You have to have wi-fi to access shopping cities though. Click Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and press 'Shopping Cities'.
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User Info: Sailormoon7

7 years ago#108
Oh, and shopping cities are stores people have opened on wi-fi that you can purchase outfits from for your wardrobe. You can choose to manage a branch or go shopping. When you go shopping there are also various areas to go to, such as Tartan City, Silk City, and Velvet City. They all have various buildings with several floors of stores. Hope I was of help to you! :)
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User Info: vescerebracis

7 years ago#109
I've been absent from this forum for awhile, so I thought I could reply to someone... xD

@ExquisiteEliza: Does Dominic ever step out and ask her on a date?

I'm assuming you are referring "her" to your own character, right? If yes, then as far as I know, the answer is no. A lot of people wanted Dominic to interact more with their character, but unfortunately, none of that really happens. There are tiny hints through out the game when you're character is still new and such, but after you've passed the game, nothing happens between Dominic and your character.

On most days, one of your customers will ask you to go somewhere with them and Libby will always be there to take a picture. It would have been nice if one of those moments was Dominic asking your character to go out somewhere. xD Oh well~

User Info: Sailormoon7

7 years ago#110
It's so sad, this board is nearly dead.
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