Challenging myself: starting each stage with zero clues on what to do

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User Info: Eeqmcsq

4 years ago#1
I've been out of gaming for quite some time. I haven't played a Mario game since SM64. I recently bought a Wii, SMG, and SMG2 to catch up. As of right now, I finished SMG and I'm currently in the middle of SMG2's World 5.

While I feel that both games are pretty good, I feel like the game designers are "babying"and "spoon feeding" me as a game player. They put arrows to show me exactly where to go. They put star bits or coins that tell me where to jump. They even give me a preview on what's at the end of the stage, so by the time I get there, I know I'm at the end, and it's no surprise. The sense of exploration and thrill of discovery is sorely lacking.

Midway through SMG2's World 4, I got so fed up with this, I decided to challenge myself - I decided to start a star mission without seeing the mission title and preview. Here's how I do it:

- Before I select a galaxy, I take off my glasses, so everything is a blur, and I can't read anything on the TV.
- I select the star I want to play, but since everything's a blur, I can't read the mission title.
- Very quickly, I close my eyes or look away, thus completely avoiding the mission title and the preview.
- I keep my eyes closed while Mario is flying in, also avoiding the "overview" angle of the stage as Mario flies in.
- After Mario lands, then I open my eyes. Now I have no clue what I'm supposed to do, and I get to figure that out on my own. Now that's FUN!

Since then, I've finished World 4, plus a few prankster comets in various other stages, and I'm now in World 5, starting each stage wih zero clues on what to do. And I feel like there's an extra level of mystery and suspense that I hadn't felt when playing the previous stages: Am I near the star? Which comet challenge will I face? Is there a boss coming up? I only wish I had thought of this when I was playing SMG, so I can experience it in that game too.

So if this is your first time through SMG or SMG2, try starting each stage without any clues on what to do.

User Info: Rocky2418

4 years ago#2
Huh, that sounds like a pretty cool idea. Sounds like you'll get more of what you're looking for that way, so have fun with the last half of the game!
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User Info: Sparx555

4 years ago#3
That actually sounds like a lot of fun. XD
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User Info: friendlydude

4 years ago#4
Good idea, but I probably would have just closed my eyes after selecting a stage. Then again my eyes are so blurry due to years of smacking my head against the side of the wall your way would work too :p

User Info: Eeqmcsq

4 years ago#5
Yeah, closing my eyes is pretty much what I did after I posted the original comment.

And I did have a lot of fun with the rest of the game, especially the extra challenge that comes after beating the game with 120 stars. That was waaay fun, and exactly the way I wanted to play the game - almost no clues or hints, you're on your own! That brought back the old school gamer in me. :D
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