Totally stuck in Sector 1 - getting frustrated

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User Info: SpeedDemon46

6 years ago#1
I've seen a bunch of threads RE: being stuck in sector 1, but none seem to be in the same place I am. I *must* be missing something incredibly obvious, but after searching and scanning for over 45 minutes, I'm at my wits' end.


I'm in the area you get to from the vent near the ceiiling (in a room with a bunch of plants on one side where you can enter through a crack in the glass wall). The tube drops me into an area with a super missile door immediately to my left (I don't have super missiles yet), and a room with computers and a glass cylinder directly ahead of me. From there, I go down a corridor with only one door, which leads to the "breeding room" (I think?). There's a dead scientist there and Samus says she "can sense a dark energy" there, but there's nothing else that I can find to scan or do in that area.

When I leave the breeding room, the door locks behind me (becomes red). From there, I go back down this corridor into the room with the super-missile door (which I still cannot open as I don't have super missiles), and the door into that computer room. I go into the computer room and there's now a metroid-looking creature in the cylinder. I go to first-person mode, scan + lock on and destroy the cylinder (and creature?). At this point, I'm totally stuck.

I can't find anything else to scan in this room, so I go back into the area I dropped into from the tube in the ceiiling. Still can't get through the super missile door, so I head back towards the breeding room (which is now locked), and I can't find any other ways to go there either. In the main area I dropped into, I look around and I can see two vents in the and one large shaft in the ceiiling, but there's no way to reach any of them. I'm totally stuck here - can't even make it back to a save point and I have no idea what I'm missing. Anyone know where I need to go or what I need to do next? Thanks in advance!!

User Info: Robo-Ky

6 years ago#2
Morph ball into the destroyed test tube. I think that's where you're at?

User Info: MeanGirlGamer

6 years ago#3
Use morph ball and drop down the hole where the capsule you blew up is.
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User Info: chaochaoman

6 years ago#4
you have to go down the tube the metroid-looking thing was in.
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User Info: SpeedDemon46

6 years ago#5
Wow... Yeah, I was missing something pretty dumb.

Thanks for the quick replies, all!!
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  3. Totally stuck in Sector 1 - getting frustrated

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