How should I gem Riki?

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User Info: animuszx

6 years ago#1
So, been playing Riki a lot lately since he's probably my favorite since he's fun to play as. But I was just wondering should I gem him with Ether ups or strengths? It seems like the majority of his damage is DoT so I figure Ether Up would be the better choice? I currently have 2 Chill Plus Gem's on his weapon totalling 60% increase.
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User Info: Relm98

6 years ago#2
I gave him both, stength and ether gems. Ether to increase ether skill damage strength to increase physical damage. He is a somewhat mixed charakter.
In his weapon I set agi, defence, eth defence debuff gems. With these debuff gems and his DoTs he can apply up to 7 debuffs on the enemy. Together with the debuffs of allys Rikis say sorry will hit hard.

User Info: Timo_J

6 years ago#3
You gem him comparing on how you play him. He is one of the most versatile characters in the game. If you want to gem him for DPS then double attack on weapon and then +flame, +chill or similar for the arts you have equipped. I'll say this now, +strength is rubbish for dps so as soon as you get +attack, double attack and attack stability, use those instead of strength.

If you like him to heal up your party then an ether gem or two perhaps. If you are running a party where he ends up tanking for you then physical protect and ether protect instead.
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User Info: Dharengo

6 years ago#4
I like to max Initial Tension to make Happy Happy available from the start of combat.

And my Riki fights Ether style, so in that case other gems should be Ether Up. But what gems to put on him really depends on your build.

User Info: ipitydafool64

6 years ago#5
I use plus Chill, Blaze, and Poison in the weapon, and ether in the armor slots.
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User Info: DarcKage

6 years ago#6
darklinkmaster posted...
I use plus Chill, Blaze, and Poison in the weapon, and ether in the armor slots.

Exactly this.

Otherwise, Aggro up etc if you want to use him as a tank. He's very versatile.
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User Info: twylight777

6 years ago#7
3 + elemental type on weapon
max ether for heals and more damage
max agility cause he gets hit some
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