I think in general gaming has gone too main stream

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User Info: Genius_Sage

6 years ago#1
I'm starting to realize where the problems are arising. Now that we have hi-processing consoles to display almost realistic graphics it has attracted pretty much the worst of the worst of mankind to games. Granted, this whole thing has happened before during the PS and N64 era but it didn't collect the people I'm talking about.

Now you've got the fakes, the posers and the mindless consumers over-powering the people who actually gamed as a hobby or as an obsession. They don't care if they completed the game, they are getting the game because joe blow down the block got it and everyone thinks its cool. Basically on all fronts there is this problem, Nintendo just found a different version of them and focusing on a different age group.

Now that vg companies have made so much money from these morons they have expanded and brought in the WORST possible people you can bring into the industry. Execs who only know how to make more money. Now the industry is run by people who should probably get mentally checked out. Money is good, but obsession with it is not.

Good god, the same thing is happening to the movie industry, go into the movie theater, watch a bunch of trash previews and come out with 5 weekend nights wasted because the girlfriend wants to see the same crappy story with different actors in a different time period. I'm seriously going to have a breakdown, there is nowhere for me to go besides art and photography to get my me time. I'm SO grateful to at least get Xenoblade in English. NoA can still rot in hell though.
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User Info: hayleywiIIiams

6 years ago#2
Lol, you kidding? Gaming has only been getting better.

You spoke of obsessions with games like that's okay... why is an obsession with money not okay? Who are you to tell people what they do and don't like?

You also spoke of "trash previews" for movies with "crappy stories", but they obviously aren't that crappy if your girlfriend wants to see so many of them and if they keep selling.

You seem to be operating under the false pretense that uniqueness is an inherently positive quality or that something being different makes it better.

User Info: Tempaura

6 years ago#3
I thought everything the TC said was pretty much considered as facts. It's not even debatable for movies.
High budgeted games (read most console games) need money from the masses to be profitable. That means soulless marketing tactics and hordes of casual gamers as targets... The American branch of Nintendo seems to illustrate this very well.

User Info: gfrequency

6 years ago#4
Blah, blah, blah. Things were better back in my day when we had two buttons and a d-pad on the controller and games took about fifteen minutes to beat.
You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

User Info: LePhenom

6 years ago#5
TC, you're right and the problem is present on all consoles.

The only thing you can do about it is giving your time only to the games and movies and music you think are worth it, cause there's still some gems scattered around in all this mess. Just harder to find them.

User Info: Icewitch

6 years ago#6
I agree fully with you TC. I really don't think many developers make "gamer" games any more. They're either for super casuals or for the frat boys... not much for those of us who just love gaming
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User Info: Nate_Dihldorff

6 years ago#7
hayleywiIIiams posted...
Lol, you kidding? Gaming has only been getting better.

Then please, by all means, explain why I enjoyed gaming before 2005.


User Info: Fate86

6 years ago#8
TC is right, I have been playing games since I was a young kid when nintendo first came out in the 80s. Since then I have gotten a console every console generation, and now a days the fact that is gone so mainstream leads to games being so dumbed down to appeal to the masses. Gone are the days of complicated games that needed guides and internet searching to find everything or get that last piece, or beat that extra special boss etc...

I remember not too long ago there was a topic on the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood board about being able to sell something that you needed towards the end of the game, and people who sold it (for no reason) called it a terrible game flaw that being able to sell something you needed later on was the games fault. This is a good example of the expectations that the mainstream have about games, especially games that are meant to be massive hits that are supposed to appeal to a wide audience.

The amount of these games that come out where dieing isn't even a possibility, and rarely is it a problem if you do die, like having to replay a level or something along those lines. Games are becoming easier, less dense in their storytelling, and generally their gameplay holds your hand through the experience. RPGs have been hit hardest by this, to the point where RPGs as they were are now called JRPGs for whatever reason, people equate them with japanese games now. Finding good RPGs to play is impossible, or all resorted to off shelf wii games and hand helds, since no one would buy one for a console unless it's more fast paced and easier to manage like a fallout/mass effect2 type game. So thanks for the post, glad to know people see it similarly.

P.S as a after thought, gaming boards like this have become very different to then what they used to be huh? I won't get into the various ways, but some of the people on some of these boards just prove the point of how games have changed, and how far they've come.
IMO? This is a post on a message board, isn't that obvious?

User Info: guedesbrawl

6 years ago#9
well,seeing as i onçly care for the qulity and the kinds of games availble to me regardless of methods,i'd say gaming is getting better and better....but the community no

frankly,i i hopet that the time where people settle down and say 'this graphical quality is good enought,we don't need improvements anymore,' or sopmething.for me that point was the n64 already.

or better,when they see what bad graphics trully are.in the console watrs,does it really makes a difference when the thing affects so much of the game?

fif the consoles graphical perfomance was something like comparing a atari to an snes to and gc;we could see there's a big difference there...but NO!
i'm a brazilian.i know that many pirate games here.seems like it isn't even a crime

User Info: metlmechanica

6 years ago#10
Nate_Dihldorff posted...
hayleywiIIiams posted...
Lol, you kidding? Gaming has only been getting better.

Then please, by all means, explain why I enjoyed gaming before 2005.


lol because you like the ps2? what sort of retort is that? have you played an nes game? jesus im glad those days are over.
Sorry Dad, I guess we all just fell for Chung Mania.
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