How do you Start / Perform Chain Attacks?

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  3. How do you Start / Perform Chain Attacks?

User Info: Battalia

6 years ago#1
Can anyone give a more detailed explanation of chain attacks? I see when the gauge fills up and my party is connected by a blue line, but I don't understand how to initiate it. Also, the tutorial says each member should use the same colored attack - how do you control which attack your party members use in the chain?

On a similar note, it says you can use break and follow it with topple or daze - if I perform a break, how do I get a party member to perform topple? Any other beginner tips would be much appreciated? Thanks

User Info: Chosenoneknux

6 years ago#2
I need help on this for a boss I'm stuck on too...
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User Info: Zell_Dintch69

6 years ago#3
It's on the talent slot (the big one in the middle), press up or down till you find it. The icon looks like 3 dots conected forming a triangle.
You don't NEED to use same colored arts, but if you do, there's a chance you can keep the chain going.
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  3. How do you Start / Perform Chain Attacks?

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