[Sticky] All Achievements, all Landmarks, all Locations (spoilers)

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User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
6 years ago#1
Hey guys. This is a handy list of three stuffs that will help complete that OCD monster within you. Please do not post until I'm done posting.


Hunter-in-training - Defeat any unique monster.
Pro hunter - Defeat 10 UM.
Master hunter - Defeat 100 UM.
First Steps - Discover any landmark.
A corner of the world - Discover 10 landmarks.
Seasoned traveller - Discover 40 landmarks.
Globetrotter - Discover 80 landmarks.
Worldly wise - Discover 150 landmarks.
Explorer - Discover a secret area.
Trailblazer - Discover 6 secret areas.
Pioneer - Discover 12 secret areas.
Your first friend - Get to know a named person.
Friend number 10 - Register 10 people on affinity chart.
Fifty fine friends - Register 50 people on affinity chart.
Friend of the world - Register 120 people on affinity chart.
The brave protectors - Get to know all Defence Force soldiers in colony 9.
Network of knowledge - Get to know many Nopon outsied of populated areas.
The hopeful survivors - Get to know lot of people in Colony 6.
Know so many Nopon! - Get to know the Nopon living in Frontier Village.
Wings of nobility - Get to know many High Entia with small headwings.
A village of machines - Get to know numerous Machina in the Hidden Village.
The strongest tie - Help two people form a deep affinity for one another.
Constellation - Help people form an affinity for one another 10 times.
Spider's web - Help people form an affinity for one another 50 times.
Neural network - Help people form an affinity for one another 100 times.
Roots across the world - Help almost everyone form an affinity for one another.
Colony 9 celeb - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Colony 9.
Colony 6 celeb - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Colony 6.
Honorary Nopon - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Frontier Village.
Honorary High Entia - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Alcamoth.
Honorary Machina - Achieve 3-star affinity rating for Hidden Vllage.
Local hero - Develop 5-star affinity with the people of any area.
World hero - Develop 5-star affinity with everyone.
Heartwarming - Have Heart-to-Heart go as smoothly as possible.
Heartbreaking - Have Heart-to-Heart go as badly as possible.
Pouring out your heart - Have 20 Heart-to-Hearts.
The heart of the matter - Have 40 Heart-to-Hearts.
Ace of hearts - Have all possible Heart-to-Hearts.
Problem solved! - Complete a quest.
Helpful stranger - Complete 10 quests (excluding story quests).
Generous friend - Complete 100 quests (excluding story quests).
Charitable ally - Complete 200 quests (excluding story quests).
Selfless giver - Complete 300 quests (excluding story quests).
Shaping history - Change someone's life through your actions.
Drawing a crowd - Increase population of Colony 6 to 50 people.
Building a community - Increase population of Colony 6 to 100 people.
Bursting at teh seams - Increase population of Colony 6 to 150 people.
A fixer-upper - Start reconstruction of Colony 6.
A fix on the solution - Make good progress in reconstructing Colony 6.
Good and fixed - Finish reconstructing Colony 6. Amazing!

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
6 years ago#2

Bone breaker - Deal 3000+ damage in single attack.
Rock smasher - Deal 25000+ damage in single attack.
World shaker - Deal 50000+ damage in single attack.
Beginner's luck - Defeat 50 enemies.
Tough guy, eh? - Defeat 200 enemies.
No stopping you - Defeat 1000 enemies.
Please! No more! - Defeat 5000 enemies.
Time for new glasses - Attempt 100 attacks that miss.
Some help you are! - Win a battle without actually doing anything.
Machine mishaps - Defeat 30 Mechon.
Machine mayhem - Defeat 100 Mechon.
Machine meltdown - Defeat 250 Mechon.
Ground down - Defeat 30 ground monsters.
Ground up - Defeat 100 ground monsters.
Ground to a pulp - Defeat 250 ground monsters.
Airing grievances - Defeat 30 aerial monsters.
Clearing the air - Defeat 100 aerial monsters.
Anti-air battering - Defeat 250 aerial monsters.
Bug off - Defeat 30 insects.
Walking insecticide - Defeat 100 insects.
Elementary! - Defeat 30 ether-based monsters.
Braving the elements - Defeat 100 ether-based monsters.
Telethia tracker - Defeat 30 Telethia.
Telethia triumph - Defeat 100 Telethia.
Fish for compliments - Defeat 30 monsters that live in water.
Smashing - Smash a vision tag.
Simply smashing! - Smash 100 vision tags.
Smashing... to pieces! - Smash 1000 vision tags.
Not gonna happen! - Stop the future in its tracks once.
I'll change the future! - Stop the future in its tracks 20 times.
The future is ours! - Stop the future in its tracks 50 times.
Second wind - Revive incapacitated party members 10 times.
Can't keep 'em down - Revive incapacitated party members 100 times.
Down but never out - Revive incapacitated party members 500 times.
Critical thing - Deliver 50 critical hits.
Critical condition - Deliver 1500 critical hits.
Critical mass - Deliver 5000 critical hits.
Let's fight! - Achieve Battle Start Affinity once.
Let's go, everyone! - Achieve Battle Start Affinity 100 times.
Yeah! We can do it! - Achieve Battle Start Affinity 1000 times.
Turn it up - Enter state of High Tension once.
Fire it up - Enter state of High Tension 50 times.
Burn it up - Enter state of High Tension 200 times.
Go team! - Use chain attack once.
Tip top team-up - Use chain attack 50 times.
A team like no other - Use chain attack 200 times.
Team with a capital T - Use chain attack 1000 times.
Killer combo - Use chain attack which deals 3000+ total damage.
Cosmic killer combo - Use chain attack which deals 30000+ total damage.
Quantum killer combo - Use chain attack which deals 100000+ total damage.
Chain gang - Perform chain attack with 4+ links.
Off the chain - Perform chain attack with 5+ links.
Back-stabber - Perform back attack once.
Rear admiral - Perform back attack 50 times.
Ninja skillz - Attack an enemy from behind and beat it in one strike.
Jaws of defeat - Win a battle while on the verge of death.
Come on, cheer up! - Feel the pain of being incapacitated for the first time.
Phoenix - Been wiped out 50 times.
Art practice - Use arts 1000 times between the entire party.
The art of war - Use arts 10000 times between the entire party.
Right, let's do this! - Use Shulk's arts 100 times.
Reyn time, baby! - Use Reyn's arts 100 times.
I can beat anyone! - Use Fiora's arts 100 times.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
6 years ago#3
Attack me if you dare! - Use Dunban's arts 100 times.
Things are heating up! - Use Sharla's arts 100 times.
Riki use arts! - Use Riki's arts 100 times.
Who dares defy me? - Use Melia's arts 100 times.
One step further - Unlock the ability to level up your arts even further.
The final step - Unlock the ability to level up your arts completely.
Art school - Level up an art once.
A work of art - Raise an art to level 5.
Perfecting the art - Raise an art to maximum level.
Down to a fine art - Raise 5 of one character's arts to max level.
Art-to-art - Raise 10 of one character's arts to max level.
State of the art - Raise all of one character's arts to max level.
Sharing the knowledge - Receive shared skills from every character.
Specialist - Fully develop one skill branch.
Honest insight - Fully develop three of Shulk's skill branches.
Raging stlalwart - Fully develop three of Reyn's skill branches.
Spirited adventurer - Fully develop three of Fiora's skill branches.
Gallant hero - Fully develop three of Dunban's skill branches.
Unyielding devotion - Fully develop three of Sharla's skill branches.
Adorable randomness - Fully develop three of Riki's skill branches.
Serene candour - Fully develop three of Melia's skill branches.
Secret weapon - Fully develop any character's skill branches.
Dream team - Fully develop every character's skill branches.
Turning it around - Successfully achieve burst affinity.
Changing course - Achieve burst affinity 300 times.
Complete 180 - Achieve burst affinity 2000 times.
Looking for trouble - Defeat an enemy 5 levels higher than yourself.
Beating the odds - Defeat an enemy 10 levels higher than yourself.
Unlucky sixes - Perform an attack that deals exactly 666 damage.
Lucky sevens - Perform an attack that deals exactly 777 damage.
Skip it - Use skip travel once.
Lazybones - Use skip travel 50 times.
Hunting for treasure - Obtain 10 rare treasure chests.
Hoarding treasure - Obtain 50 rare treasure chests.
Ooh, shiny - Obtain a super rare treasure chest.
It hasn't lost its lustre - Obtain 10 super rare treasure chests.
Need... more... treasure - Obtain 50 super rare treasure chests.
Treasure trove - Obtain 1000 rare or super rare treasure chests.
Titan's gift - Harvest an ether crystal.
Titan's generosity - Harvest ether crystals 50 times.
Titan's greatness - Harvest ether crystals 500 times.
Raring to go - Obtain a rare ether crystal.
Medium rare - Obtain 7 rare ether crystals.
In rare form - Obtain 77 rare ether crystals.
Crystallized luck - Mine a rank V ether crystal.
That hits the slot - Fill a gem slot.
Truly outrageous - Fill all 8 possible gem slots at once for any character.
Learning the craft - Practice gem crafting and receive a synergy bonus.
Getting crafty - Receive a synergy bonus more than 250 times.
Crafting your destiny - Receive a synergy bonus more than 500 times.
Craftacular! - Enter a fever state while gem crafting.
Craftstravaganza! - Enter a fever state 3 times.
Lending a hand - Receive a support bonus.
Crafting friendships - Receive a support bonus for every character.
Firing on all cylinders - Fill up the cylinder gauge 9 times in one crafting session.
Happy new year! - Witness the sun rising on 366th day.
Terminal velocity - Fall to your demise from a great height.
Making waves - Fall into water from a height of 200 meters.
One is never enough - Record an item in the Collectopaedia.
Collector's mentality - Complete a page in the Collectopaedia.
Stamp of insanity - Complete every page in the Collectopaedia.
Study aids - Give Shulk 20 pieces of machinery as gifts.
Auber the top - Give Reyn an Energy Aubergine as a gift.
(edited 6 years ago)

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
6 years ago#4
Aim for the heart! - Have Fiora give 20 gifts to Shulk.
Thanks but no thanks - Give Dunban a gift he truly hates.
Fruitful gifts - Give Sharla fruit as a gift 20 times.
You may have this - Have Melia give 30 gifts.
Not just Riki eat! - Have Riki give insects as gifts 30 times.
Love at first bite - Give Love Source as a present.
Ear to the ground - Talk to people 100 times.
Social butterfly - Talk to people 1000 times.
Breaking the ice - Have a party member step into a conversation.
Idle chit-chat - Have party members step into conversations 50 times.
Chatting the day away - Have party members step into conversations 300 times.
Blossoming friendship - Improve the affinity between two party members.
Unshakable trust - Improve two party members' affinity still further.
Unshakable bond - Form the deepest affinity between two party members.
Get the party started - Deepen the affinity between all party members.
Party's in full swing - Form the deepest affinity between all party members.
Equivalent exchange - Successfully trade items with someone.
Tradesman - Trade items 20 times.
Master tradesman - Trade items 100 times.
Mysterious mantis - Obtain a Minute Mantis through trading.
Shining impracticality - Obtain a Golden Cog through trading.
Indigo Belligerence - Obtain a Love Beetle through trading.
Stormy Outlook - Obtain a Thunder Compass through trading.
Angelic Imitation - Obtain an Angel Engine Y through trading.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
6 years ago#5
Landmarks & Locations

- Colony 9
Gem Man's Stall
Mechon Wreckage Site
Main Entrance
Ether Light
Central Plaza
Fortress Entrance
Tranquil Square
Outlook Park
Tephra Cave Entrance
Cylinder Hangar

Military District
Anti-Air Battery 1
Anti-Air Battery 2
Anti-Air Battery 3
Weapon Dev. Lab
Dunban's House
Commercial District
Agora Shore
Residential District
Tephra Hill
Cliff Lake
Hazzai Cape

- Tephra Cave
GF Landmarks:
Tephra Path
Mag Mell Ruins
Rear Entrance
Spring of Grief

GF Locations:
Caterpile Nest
Escape Pod Bay
Warehouse 2
Tephra Cavern
Hidden Warehouse
Forgotten Cave

1F Landmarks:
Villa Lake
Bafalgar Tomb

1F Locations:
Emergency Warehouse
Soothsayer's Crypt
Prayer Room
Bone Corridor

2F Landmarks:
Heavenly Window

2F Locations:
Trader's Stopper
Arachno Feeding Lair
Arachno Queen's Nest
Kneecap Hill
Path of Absolution

3F Landmarks:
Leg Pass

- Bionis' Leg
Lower Level Landmarks:
Ragrinar Canyon Path
Jabos Rock Rest Area
Kamos Guidepost
Refugee Camp
Raguel Bridge - S
Raguel Bridge - N

Lower Level Locations:
Volff Lair
Tranquil Grotto
Kisk Cave
Windy Cave
Maguel Road
Raguel Lake
Viliera Hill
Rho Oasis
Gaur Plain
Tirkin Headquarters
Sky Stage
Daksha Shrine
Crevasse Waterfall

Upper Level Landmarks:
Spiral Valley
Zax Guidepost
Bask Cave Passage
Observation Platform
Believer's Paradise

Upper Level Locations:
Traveller's Rest
Kasharpa Falls

- Colony 6
Reconstruction HQ
Supply Road
Watchpoint Junction
Drainage Outlet
Freght Road
Misty Path
Main Entrance

Splintered Path
Hope Farm
Freight Elevator
Pod Depot

- Ether Mine
GF Landmarks:
Drainage Tunnel
Drainage Control Room
Mining Base
Central Pit - Entrance
Personnel Lift 2
Freight Elevator
Glowmoss Lake

GF Locations:
Test Pit 1
Test Pit 2
Test Pit 3
Storage Depot
Central Terminal
Test Pit 4
Observation Point
Central Pit - Level 1

B1F Landmarks:
Regulation Piston

B1F Locations:
Central Pit - Level 2

B2F Locations:
Central Pit - Level 3

B3F Landmarks:
Personnel Lift 3

B3F Locations:
Freight Elevator

B4F Landmarks:
Central Pit - Base Level

- Satorl Marsh
Keisher Wetland
Nopon Merchant Camp
Crown Tree
Silent Obelis
Glowing Obelisk
Sororal Statues
Statue Summit
Shining Pond

Lacus Swamp
Zaldania Waterfall
Poison Swamp
Altar Of Fate
Barren Moor
Basin Cave
Nopon Refuge
Exile Fortress
Mauk Floodgate
Oath Sanctuary
Place of Judgement
Dark Swamp
Soter Ruins
Igna Territory

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
6 years ago#6
- Bionis' Interior
Lower Level Landmarks:
Terminal Trachea
Interior Landing Site
Spiral Nerve Tower
Pars Sympathica Tower
Terminal Nerve Tower

Lower Level Locations:
Third Lung
Third Lung Bronchus
Second Lung
Aortic Pathway
Venous Plexus
First Lung
Vein Crossroad
Terminal Vein

Upper Level Landmarks:
Upper Trachea
Heart Entrance

- Makna Forest
Makna Path
Agni Tablet
Waypoint Beacon
Nopon Arch
Twisted Tree Gate
Village Entrance
Windmill Pavilion
Glowmoss Trihenge
Pod Landing Site
Valak Pass
Divine Sanctuary
Seahorse Islet
Sparkling Pool
King Agni's Tomb

Eks Watering Hole
Repaired Bridge Four
Contaminated Area
Bridge Three
Sap Cave
Bridge Two
Bridge One
Clear Waterfall
Yellow Flower Grove
Decayed Forest
Abyss Basin
Precipice Bridge
Hode Lair
Great Makna Falls

- Frontier Village
B1F Landmarks:
Entry Bridge

B1F Locations:
Nopon Kitchen
Underground Store

GF Landmarks:
Nopon Tower
Sacred Altar

GF Locations:
Central Plaza

1F Locations:
Kyn Shopping Street

2F Locations:
Pollen Orb Storehouse
Orb Storage Level

3F Locations:
Middle Housing Level

4F Landmarks:
Pollen Works
Riki's House

4F Locations:
Pollen Works Level

5F Locations:
Archaeology Level
Archaeology Center

6F Landmarks:
Chief's Residence

6F Locations:
Top Housing Level

7F Landmarks:
Prophecy Cut

7F Locations:
Mysterious Sanctuary

8F Landmarks:
Contemplation Terrace

8F Locations:
Apex Lake

- Eryth Sea
Latael Shore
Centre Gate
High Entia Gate
Syrath Lighthouse
Central Seal Island
Soltnar Seal Island
Khatorl Seal Island
Ether Plant
Faras Cave

Hovering Reef 1
Hovering Reef 2
Hovering Reef 3
Hovering Reef 4
Hovering Reef 5
Hovering Reef 6
Hovering Reef 7
Hovering Reef 8
Hovering Reef 9
Hovering Reef 10
Hode Refuge
Bionis' Occipital
Kromar Coast
Sleeping Dragon Isle
Showdown Cliff
Ether Crystal Deposit
Secluded Island
Anu Shore

- Alcamoth
GF Landmarks:
Main Entrance
Fountain of Hope
Fountain of Eternity

1F Landmarks:
Imperial Palace
Ascension Hall

1F Locations:
Great Hall
Melfica Road

2F Landmarks:
Whitewing Palace
Imperial Villa

2F Locations:
Revelation Hall
Sky Terrace
Audience Chamber

- High Entia Tomb
GF Landmarks:
Tomb Approach
Sealed Chamber
Ceremony Hall

GF Locations:
Hall of Spirits
Hall of Trials
Telethia Laboratory

B1F Landmarks:
Tomb Robber Pool

B2F Landmarks:
Valley of Emperors
Tower of Trials - Bridge

B2F Locations:
Imperial Treasury
Second Treasury

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
6 years ago#7
- Prison Island (1st visit)
GF Landmarks:
High Entia Transporter
Prison Gate

GF Locations:
Cantral Hall

4F Locations:
Great Canyon

6F Landmarks:
Prison Terrace

- Valak Mountain
Upper Level Landmarks:
Zokhed Pass
Mechonis Wound
Hollow Bone
Befalgar Pedestal
Three Sage Summit

Upper Level Locations:
Nagul Waterfall
Serik Waterfall
Apis Lair
Kana Peak
Chilkin Lair
Url Crevasse
Bagnar Snowfield
Agul Mountain Range
Bionis' Right Elbow
Valak Peak

Lower Level Landmarks:
Nopon Camp
Harict Chapel
Lava Cave
La Luz Church
Nofol Tower
Bionis' Wrist

Lower Level Locations:
Antol Den
Jakt Geyser
Sealed Tower
Ignia Hill
Great Glacier

- Sword Valley
Bionis' Thumb
Supply Convoy
Ged Fortress
Dolgan Outpost
Enaida Control Base
Heavy Machine Depot
Control Tower
Radio Tower
Fortress Rear Entrance
Monado Wound

6th Gate
5th Gate
4th Gate
3rd Gate
Ether Storage Area
Port Access Pathway
Port Maintenance Bay

- Galahad Fortress
GF Landmarks:
Ether Influx Conduit

GF Locations:
1st Fuel Supply Room
2nd Fuel Supply Room
3rd Fuel Supply Room
Main Maintenance Bay

B1F Landmarks:
Main Control Room

B1F Locations:
2nd Turbine room
1st Turbine Room
Piston Control Room
Blast Furnace Conduit

B2F Landmarks:
Ether Blast Furnace
Preparation Bay

B2F Locations:
Ether Input Stream

B3F Locations:
Face Maintenance Bay

B4F Landmarks:
Fortress Depths

- Fallen Arm
Lower Level Landmarks:
Wreckage Beach
Ulna Passage
Inlet Beach
Giant Mechon Debris
Black Wreckage
Connecting Bridge
Digit 2 Plain

Lower Level Locations:
Jifum Beach
Silver Wreckage
Zakt Spring
Transformer Area
5th Pulse Zone
Power Pipe Ruins
Radiocarpea Coast
Digit 1 Crevasse
Hidden Machina Village
Ether Light
Ether Exhaust System
Digit 5 Beach
Digit 5
Digit 4
Digit 3
Digit 2
Digit 1

Upper Level Landmarks:
Rptating Bulkhead
Distant Fingertip

- Mechonis Field
B1F Locations:
Spent Fuel Tank
1st Lift - B1F

GF Landmarks:
Left Leg Cooling Outlet
GF Main Power Switch

GF Locations:
2nd Lift - GF
1st Lift - GF

1F Landmarks:
1F Main Power Switch

1F Locations:
2nd Lift - 1F
3rd Lift Engine Room

2F Locations:
2F Observation Post
3rd List - 2F

3F Landmarks:
3F Main Power Switch
Lower Bulkhead Bridge

3F Locations:
Bulkhead Controls
3rd Lift - 3F
Ether Gear Store

4F Landmarks:
Upper Bulkhead Bridge
4F Main Power Switch
Great Battle Scar
Machina Refuge

4F Locations:
Patella Exhaust
Power Supply Area 1
Power Supply Area 2
High-Velocity Lift

5F Landmarks:
1st Zebrai Bulkhead
2nd Gamalt Bulkhead

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
6 years ago#8
- Central Factory
GF Landmarks:
Port Terminal
Control Tower

GF Locations:
Landing Strip 1
Landing Strip 2
Central Gate
Maintenance Entrance 1
Maintenance Wing
Storage Depot

2F Landmarks:
Central Warehouse Lift
Factory Vent

2F Locations:
Main Factory Gate
Central Lift
Central Tower Lift
Training Ground Roof
Large Mechon Store

3F Landmarks:
Tower Boarding Gate
Regeneration Control

3F Locations:
Mechon Factory
Central Tower Roof
Face Maintenance Bay

4F Landmarks:
Agniratha Transporter

5F Landmarks:
Ventilation Conduit
Bridge to Apocrypha

5F Locations:
Apocrypha Generator

- Agniratha
GF Landmarks:
Factory Transporter
Central Tower

GF Locations:
Cleas Pillar
Residential District 1
Residential District 2
Calcos Pilar

1F Locations:
Dios Pillar
Helas Pillar

2F Landmarks:
1st Control Platform
4th Control Platform
Meyneth Statue

2F Locations:
Zedonia Plaza
Telethia Bridge

3F Landmarks:
2nd Control Platform
3rd Control Platform
Shrine Transporter
Meyneth Shrine
Seven Sage Cloister

3F Locations:
Meyneth Cloister
Legislative District
Worship Terrace
Judicial District
Data Centre

- Mechonis Core
Mechonis Core

- Prison Island (2nd visit)
GF Landmarks:
Bridge of Grief
Prison Gate

GF Locations:
Central Hall
First Sanctum
Second Sanctum

1F Locations:
Banquet Hall

2F Locations:
Battle Arena
Behemoth Nest

3F Landmarks:
Empty Throne

3F Locations:

4F Locations:
Great Canyon
Gravina Bridga

5F Landmarks:
Gondorl Cathedral

5F Locations:
Corridor of Silence
Travalga Bridge
Basverg Belfry

6F Landmarks:
Prison Terrace

And finally, there are some landmarks which follow after "Prison Terrace" landmark, but that is the end of the game, from which you cannot return anymore once past certain point.
(message deleted)

User Info: CronoDyne

6 years ago#10
Awesome as always. Are you going to be working on area maps btw? Maybe a youtube video of you scrolling through all the different maps?
If you're using the term "Deus Ex Machina" in your post, you're probably using it wrong.
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