Hode plank

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User Info: AlphabetMan

5 years ago#1
Apparently one of the mobs in Makna can drop it. There's a lot of mobs here. Which one can drop it?
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User Info: AlphabetMan

5 years ago#2
Go figure. It drops from a lil hode dude as soon as I post.
Gamertag: Hemn
PSN: Rothgard

User Info: Pdaimaoh

5 years ago#3
There's a creature called a Hode?
I'm probably close to that point, but I had to shut it off to do other stuff soon.

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User Info: Left_Buttock

5 years ago#4
Since he didn't mention anything about how to get them after asking, here are the details.

In south east Makna Forest...near Abyss Basin, Precipice Bridge, Hode Lair.
There are enemies with a prefix then 'Hode'. I encountered them mainly during the day.
It takes forever for them to drop, I've only received them when they drop silver chests, and even then it wasn't every time. Good luck.
Specifically, the left cheek.

User Info: 03tomsau

5 years ago#5
This is just getting silly
I now have 5 silver chests each reload, and am killing 3 hodes each time... I have reloaded at least 15 times, so easily opened over 50 chests... still only have 3 hode planks

User Info: droberts753

5 years ago#6
Only bow wielding hodes drop them. Trust me, I couldn't find any either, but a colony 6 NPC told me this, so I tried it out. It works. I killed 5 bow hodes, and all of them gave planks.
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User Info: Pdaimaoh

5 years ago#7
So far every quest item I've needed was the 'rare' drop which means it's unique to each particular monster and not it's whole family.

if you kill two similar enemies and look at their drops, they will share the common drop (tiny bag) and the family crystal drop but the larger bag drop is different for each one. The game is dirty too by letting one kind override another if you group-fight and then they mix groups of different types...

your best friend's drug dealer

User Info: Destructers

5 years ago#8
Before you go to the Hode Lair, there is a Prefix Hode + the big green one before you make the turn, kill it and reload.

It drops for me each time easily and that is the only one with more than 50% drop rate.

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