Never played a JRPG before, would Xenoblade be a good first step into the genre?

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User Info: BrentD1992

5 years ago#1
Having never played a JRPG before (Pokemon notwithstanding), would Xenoblade be a good introduction into the world of JRPGs, and if so, where would I go from there once I finish?

Sorry if this isn't the right board for this topic, but it seemed to be the most appropriate board.

User Info: Strr8jacket

5 years ago#2
i'll simply leave you with my signature below...
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User Info: Pdaimaoh

5 years ago#3
Xenoblade is a great game but the two I see it most compared to are MMO style games which aren't really representative of Jrpgs at all and certainly not my experience with Jrpgs.

So while Xenoblade is a Jrpg, it's not close to either the turn based or action based archetypes of Jrpgs.

I'd still say get Xenoblade but if you want another game like it...uhh...too bad, I don't know. My next game is Rune Factory ToD based on my enjoyment of RFF and RF3.

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User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#4
Xenoblade is an excellent game and probably my second favorite game of all time. However, it's atypical of a JRPG, so don't expect every JRPG to play like it.

But I'm not entirely sure if there's a traditional JRPG on this system anyways. The closest I can recall is Arc Rise Fantasia. Never played it, but try looking into it.
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User Info: A_Caveman

5 years ago#5
You won't like most other JRPGs if you use Xenoblade as a benchmark.

User Info: Winterglaive

5 years ago#6
Xenoblade is a great game, so whether or not it's a good introduction to JRPGs, you still ought to try it out.

If you're willing to continue on with the genre, as was already mentioned, you won't find many games that play like Xenoblade. Final Fantasy XII is probably the closest, and it's still quite different (but also an excellent game).

As for the JRPGs in general, just be aware that most JRPGs which are considered "great" by fans of the genre tend to have a number of flaws that XB doesn't.

So, in a way, the answer to your question is "yes and no". No it's not a good introduction to the genre because it does so many things differently (and better). Yes, because it takes and builds upon influences from many RPGs that have come before it.

tl;dr version: Play Xenoblade, and then play more JRPGs!

User Info: iMURDAu

5 years ago#7
You'll be spoiled playing Xenoblade first. Warping easily between landmarks, auto-heal and de-buff removal after battles, large explorable areas, re-spawn at last landmark with no penalty after dying, all characters gaining exp even when not in use, these are things that fix problems I've had with jrpgs I played before.

If you have a DS try FFIV as an intro to the genre. I'm not saying don't play Xenoblade first though.
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User Info: Moranite

5 years ago#8
FFIV is THE starting place for JRPGs, IMO. Chrono Trigger is a nice starting place, too.
Starting with Xenoblade is, in a way, almost like starting with Final Fantasy XIII, oddly enough. The rest of the genre will feel weird by comparison.

User Info: FanimaXIV

5 years ago#9
Your favorite game of all time can't possibly be Xenoblade. What kept you occupied for the previous 20+ years?
Seriously, I'd like to play a new Wave Race, Outrun, Live-A-Live or Super Spike V'Ball before I quit gaming. Remake or Sequel.

User Info: Externica

5 years ago#10
It feels a bit like a western RPG. Not very much, but if I really stretch it, it feels a tiny (and I mean really tiny) bit like Fallout 3, because of the quantity of sidequests and the big areas.
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