Night Vision (for post-game)

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Shun Goku Satsuma 5 years ago#1
Screw farming that.

Just use RIki, Melia and Sharla instead :D
Accidentally ran into Abaasy while looking for this Marcus guy, and beat him at lv 89~91.

I had a plan to practise on Marcus and then fight Daedala to get NV for a Topple team, but nevermind that now lol.

Riki so OP. Pow, wham, yeah.
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User Info: the_rowan

5 years ago#2
Yep, I made a topic about how absurd this team is with maxed healing skills and cooldown reduction after beating the level 99 monster that attacks Colony 6 at level 81 without even bothering with a real gem setup aside from 50% Heat Sink.

You basically never die unless the monster has a really nasty spike effect (topple spikes excluded since you don't need topple), and you can whittle down HP over time without worrying as much about hit rate. Riki's Hero Time + Happy Happy ensure you can get enough party gauge, as well as spamming Tantrum while other skills are on cooldown so that you intentionally miss and get a very good chance of procuring a burst affinity (Hero Time ensures you don't suffer tension loss for missing). Hero Time also causes Melia to slowly hit max tension, meaning Elemental Burst will only have a 10% chance of dropping after each element instead of the 50%+ she'd normally have with the low tension you tend to get fighting higher level stuff.
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