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User Info: Cvhdking

5 years ago#1
So what's the deal with side missions I heard u can actually miss some of them and u won't be able to complete them again I'm looking to 100% the game will this effect that???

User Info: Gameandwatch2

5 years ago#2
Obviously, it will. However, almost all of the truly missable quests all vanish at a specific point in the story.

If you really don't want to miss anything, though, I'd refer to the FAQ or the spreadsheet, as it can be a huge pain to locate all of NPCs that give out the quests.

User Info: Nurupooo

5 years ago#3
"Only two" locations with missable quests? Hell no >_>

If you plan to get 100% in this game, expect it to take much more than 100 hours. I'm currently at 140 hours right before the end of the game and I still have tons of stuff to do.

As for missable quests, they'll always be marked with a clock icon. And some of the missable quests are very very easy to miss, since you have to talk to all the named NPCs multiple times to reveal some quests (which is annoying, since one of such quests is in a huge low population city, and then the follow-up quest will come from some other NPC on the other side of the city without warning). Furthermore, some areas will be permanently closed off later in the game, so if you didn't get some unique monster, monster drop or collectible from it, you will not be able to clear various quests and will not be able to get certain rewards for killing that unique.
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