How do you play Melia?!?!

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User Info: Alias_Nemesis

5 years ago#1
...i use Summon Earth and Summon aqua...and then ALL my skills are all locked out except the heal (HP give) spell. "summon Copy" locks out too! what?!?

So once i use Summon earth and aqua...i just wack the enemies with my wand hoping they dont hit me back?

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User Info: nugro

5 years ago#2
On the field, hit y, pick other, pick tutorial, pick Battle Tactics : Melia.

The game does absolutely wonderful job explaining each characters trait. and it's fun to read too! :)

Oh yeah, you can only summon 3 elemental max at the same time though, so you probably has another one beside the two you've summoned. Observe the floating orb thingy above Melia's head to be sure how many you currently have.

User Info: Gameandwatch2

5 years ago#3
You use her talent art to fire the elements she summons.

Doing this fills her talent gauge, and she'll temporarily do increased damage once it's maxed out (Exactly how long is based on her tension level and your luck).

Ideally, you want to keep two elements out at all times for buffs.

User Info: Externica

5 years ago#4
I wouldn't use "Summon: Aqua".
The regeneration effect sounds nice at first, but the amount of healed HP is minimal. Slightly better when she fires that spell, but still not worth it. Well... unless you have the skill equipped which lowers Melia's HP to restore a party member's health.

I suggest to add "Summon: Wind" and "Summon: Fire" or "Summon: Bolt" to the mix.
Wind raises agility, which can be quite handy. Fire makes characters stronger and Bolt, while summoned, raises the attack of Ether Damage. So, if Melia fires an element, it hurts more.
And Summon: Copy is always a good addition.

User Info: Cantido

5 years ago#5
Step 1: Pick a variety of summons. Each one creates a little ball of whatever element you summoned above her. This is not an attack (yet), but a party buff.

Step 2: Pick her Discharge art, it will turn one of the summons into an attack, ending that specific element's buff. That element will fly away and hit an enemy.

One of the most basic things you can spam is
Summon Summon Summon Summon Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge.
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User Info: Alias_Nemesis

5 years ago#6
oh okay thanks guys! :)
PSN = Dudecough [Now playing : Battlefield 3 (PS3), Xenoblade (Wii) and Tales of the Abyss (3DS)]

User Info: iMURDAu

5 years ago#7
Level up summon bolt then equip some ether up gems. The bolt, copy, bolt, copy, enemies are toast.
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User Info: khengsta

5 years ago#8
Summon Bolt is your go-to DPS art.

Equip Lightning gems and Ether up gems till they are maxed (on character sheet, text goes from blue to green). Upgrade Summon bolt to max, summon copy to max.

At start, summon bolt, then summon copy. Hold allies back by telling them to stay on you. Wait for summon bolt to come off cooldown then summon again. You now have 3 bolt summons hovering around your pretty head.

I find it best to only fire off only 1 bolt, and always keep the other 2 bolt summons. This is because each bolt summon gives you a good STACKABLE ether up buff. 2 bolt summons is double the buff. That means the 3rd bolt you fire off is a double buffed lightning attack.

Rotation will be summon 3rd bolt - discharge - summon wind/fire - discharge - (bolt off cooldown) - summon 3rd bolt - discharge - summon wind/fire ....

Only fire off 2 bolts if summon copy is off cooldown, so you can now summon 2 bolts.

Only fire all 3 bolts during a chain attack.

By the time you max upgrade summon bolt, you may even be able to skip summon wind/fire out of the rotation.

Trust me, Melia is a DPS god!

User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

5 years ago#9

From: Alias_nemesis | Posted: 4/4/2012 11:13:23 PM
How do you play Melia?!?!

Give her a call telling her that you've admired her from afar for a while now, etc, that she's a fine looking woman and you'd like to ask her out on a date. When you meet up, lie to her about your financial solvency and embellish/take liberties with/distort your company portfolio.

Whine her, dine her and further charm her back to the pad where you'll proceed to tell her how she's 'really come into her own as a woman' since you saw her last and that you feel a real connection 'growing' between you both, etc, etc.

Retire to the bedroom, tell her that you are incomplete without her, make sweet music together for the longest time (...10 mins is more than reasonable), then tell her to get dressed, put her in a cab and, once she's outta sight, call her sister and then rinse and repeat.

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User Info: Unoriginal123ab

5 years ago#10
Didn't know Xenoblade has a dating sim aspect to it


Melia has a sister?
Anyway, check out dropbox:
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