Water Upa location?

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User Info: Aznguy82x

5 years ago#1
I am trying to finish the Safety first quest where you have to kill 3 water upas but am having trouble finding them. I know there are at the entrance to Drainage Outlet. Can someone clarify if it right outside before going into the outlet or are they located right when i enter the drainage map?

User Info: Timbermaw

5 years ago#2
They are outside but only show up during rain.
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User Info: doopset

5 years ago#3

They are right before you go into the outlet I believe

User Info: runaway_angels

5 years ago#4
When it's raining or during a thunderstorm, right outside the drainage outlet, not where the bridge to it is, but in the grassy areas.

User Info: Aznguy82x

5 years ago#5
Ooooh. i kept thinking it was inside since there are colony upas inside. thought if it rained it would change to water upas. Thanks guys. Should've asked instead of wasting 20 mins trying to get it to rain in the tunnel
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  3. Water Upa location?

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