Best place to level at 77?

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User Info: Yuri1991

5 years ago#1
Topic. Is the best place the final dungeon? Or is there somewhere else?

User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#2
The second part of Tephra Cave if you can survive. Otherwise, Kromar Coast at Eryth Sea and similar high-level areas from previous maps. - Watch me beat "NES Power Blade" - My backloggery

User Info: Yuri1991

5 years ago#3
Thanks, where is Kromar Coast? I never discovered that location.

User Info: beautheschmo

5 years ago#4
Kromar Coast is straight north of Alcamoth.

But don't go too overboard with leveling. The final boss is only level 81, and there's nothing more disappointing than a final boss who gets curbstomped in 10 seconds. I would suggest beating the game for the sake of beating the game before you go and do all the sidequests and stuff, it's much more satisying that way. Final dungeon mobs should be enough to get you to around level 80-ish.

However, there is no way to continue the game after you beat the Big Bad, so just go through the final dungeon and save right before the clearly marked Point of No Return.

Once you beat the game, you should be right on track to start training in Alcamoth (the weakest mobs are level 86, so you might need to gain a couple extra levels first), and then Tephra Cave once you hit around level 88-89 (most of the stuff is level 91+).
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User Info: CrimsonScythe

5 years ago#5
I believe you might be thinking of Anu Shore, which also has high level Kromar, but Kromar Coast is directly south of Soltnar Seal Island. I think the Kromar there are like 87~. Either location works, really.

If you wish to level to cap, you'll find that it's much better to fight yellow/red-labeled enemies, as the exp they give is tremendously higher than those near or below your level. I was getting like 50-60k off those (though I had some basic Exp Up gems from quests equipped, I think). Fighting higher level UMs also gives like 100k, too.

Don't forget Riki's skills that increase exp. There's one for day time (15%, I think) and night time (20%). If you want Rank VI Exp Up gems, there's a fire elemental right at the Waypoint Beacon landmark. It's 96, though. Melia should be able to take that down pretty handily once you're a little higher and you can get some 100% Exp Up gems from Mega Heat.
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