How to Level up for 1st Disciple? (Spoilers)

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User Info: HeyItsZant

5 years ago#1
I cannot currently beat Lorithia at level 71, and I really don't know how to use Melia, as I've been using Shulk, Dunban, and Sharla the whole game. Where can I level up? the nearby enemies are barely give me XP, but are they the only reasonable option? Every quest I currently have only gives me XP in the hundreds which is totally useless at level 71.
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User Info: MonadAlvis

5 years ago#2
Kill nearby enemies if you're unwilling to use the ether team. They should be giving you reasonable exp if you are only 71.
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User Info: Randomness097

5 years ago#3
Grind for Rondine/Heirex.
Ether Team Lancelot.
Ether Team Best Weapons
Ether Team Deinos Saurus.
Perfect Gems whenever you get them.
Get 5th skill trees
Get Ledios parts (leave for end if necessary)
Get Critical and Glory Gauntlets (easy access to enemies that have these: might be easier than 5th skill trees)

You can kill it at your level the previous set from top to bottom are in increasing difficulty of hyper grinding. If you finish all of the above you would normally be level 99 before you beat the game.

Rondine set grinding should be pretty easy for your level. You can also grind for Heirex too rather easily.

User Info: Mp5_drummer

5 years ago#4
At that level you can finally start fighting the really high levelled monsters on Bionis' Leg that used to crush you. Basically everything in Windy Cave, the Hoxes on the Raguel Lake platforms, and the Gogols next to the Lake. Levelled me up in no time.
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  3. How to Level up for 1st Disciple? (Spoilers)

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