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User Info: kazegin

4 years ago#11
sentoworf posted...


These look nice too

Love that one. But I'm glad the current one doesn't show the most mindblowing landscapes.

Oh, and I am using the mote+nunchuk.

User Info: TrixStah

4 years ago#12
I've used both but found that the CC is more my style. I can navigate everything perfectly on it and gives me the feeling of holding a XBOX controller or the GC controller. Plus i like playing all rpgs using a controller unless its on that damn small ass DS -.-

User Info: jagger_wanderer

4 years ago#13
I use mote chuck for all the games on the wii except smash bros. monster hunter and samurai warrior 3. My only complain is the wire that needs to be attached to the wiimote. I'm a really relaxed gamer who puts his arms and legs all over the place.
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User Info: strife14467

4 years ago#14
I bought the game with the Classic Pro, so I've been using that from the beginning. At one point I decided I'd try using the Wiimote and Nunchuk, and my only complaint about it was that I was so used to the Classic Pro that I just didn't feel comfortable using it. I didn't mind it though, and I'm sure that I could adjust to it if I really wanted.
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