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User Info: True_Fan

4 years ago#31
Winterglaive posted...
Mottman posted...
One last rant, though: I don't want to be a complainer, but where was my beautiful Xenoblade-style music in that video???? The piece of music they used in the trailer was okay, but it sounded like most other cookie-cutter video game soundtracks out there. Why couldn't they get ACE+, Shimomura, and the rest of the Xenoblade crew back for music? Even if this is not a true sequel, their music was so awesome, they should've been the go-to team for all future Monolith Soft projects.

I strongly disagree that the Xenoblade sound team should come back for any future MonoSoft projects. I loved a good handful of tracks, but it was literally less than a quarter of the whole score. Most music was pretty bland.

That said, I strongly agree that the music in this trailer is generic. The composer, Hiroyuki Sawano, is of an entirely younger generation than Mitsuda and Shimomura. His discography appears to be entirely anime, and much like Yuki Kajiura, his style sounds amateur at best. The one thing in Kajiura's favor is she was somehow granted a budget for live performers, inflating the actual quality of her underdeveloped music. This trailer is entirely synth, and Sawano clearly doesn't have the chops of a seasoned game music composer.

So, at first I was glad we have a new composer, but I'm now suddenly wishing we had the old ones back. :p

Seriously, though, why isn't Mitsuda the lead composer? He gave MonoSoft their best soundtracks (Xenogears, Saga 1, and Soma Bringer) and Takahashi knows it. Bring him back. ;.;

Mitsuda has done work for Soul Sacrifice but i'm not sure if he's doing all of it.

User Info: True_Fan

4 years ago#32
Adrak990 posted...
Winterglaive posted...
Seriously, though, why isn't Mitsuda the lead composer? He gave MonoSoft their best soundtracks (Xenogears, Saga 1, and Soma Bringer) and Takahashi knows it. Bring him back. ;.;

I'm still waiting for a legendary Mitsuda-Kajiura cooperative effort on a soundtrack. That would be so amazing.

Trade Kajiura with Yoko Kanno then we have a deal.

User Info: Asd202

4 years ago#33
If this game turns how it looks a mix between Xenoblade and Xenogears I afraid it will be my game of the forever.

User Info: garomasta

4 years ago#34
Gotta say I'm a bit worried about the soundtrack too. Xenoblade has the best videogame soundtrack of all time, so it would've made sense to use the same composers. Well, I hope that Sawano will be able to provide at least a decent soundtrack.

User Info: True_Fan

4 years ago#35
The new composer has a lot of Jdorama works too and Unicorn is pretty good for an OVA type of gundam.

If takahashi did choose him, then he probably is good. but ill be watching some of his Dorama to get a feel of his works. seems he gravitates to darker mature titles and not those loveydovey stuff.

User Info: Anclation

4 years ago#36
Yeah, I hope the online features don't come at the expense of a singleplayer adventure, and that the soundtrack can at least come close to matching the awesomeness of Xenoblade. That said, at this point I'm going to have faith in Takahashi.

User Info: thematrix456

4 years ago#37
Game looks really dark. This is definitely a "gears" game; it has nothing to do with Xenoblade.

User Info: ShinGundam

4 years ago#38
Music remind me of Gundam Unicorn:

My impressions so far:
-A transformable Robot is the best addition.
-Guns and range battles looks interesting to me.
-something about it remind me of Lost Planet 2.
-Like XB, i don't like that style of battle system.
-I wish the camera was far away from character like XB.

User Info: True_Fan

4 years ago#39
For some reason the composer landed Shingeki no Kyojin so he must doing something right.

User Info: SteadyingMeat

4 years ago#40
It looks kinda MMOish to me. I mean, I know Xenoblade itself looked MMOish, but this looks even more so. God I hope it's not.

That said, it's not Xenoblade 2, guys. If anything, it's a spiritual successor.
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