Confidential Documents

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User Info: yabo

7 years ago#1
Is there an easier list than Jill's just to see where only the confidential documents are. Hers doesn't say which ones are the docs.
Post-mission unlocks I don't need.
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User Info: opfer_gv

7 years ago#2
Schematics you can pick up.

Hand Gun:
EZ GUN (LR) - EX32. In first map.
PM - EX16, Junction.
M1911A1 Custom - EX34, South west.

Twin barrel - Pursue Amanda, factory area.
M37 - EX22, Mill entrance SW area.

Assault Rifle:
M16A1 (STG, Shotgun) - EX 23, Bridge south side.
M16A1 (STG + Laser) - EX46, hillside northeast.
M16A1 (GL, Grenade Launcher) - EX25, Jungle area.
M16A1 (SMK, Smoke Grenade) - EX26.
Patriot - EX68, search Kaz.
M653 - EX59, on the container south side.
M653 (GL) - EX47, hillside around middle.
M653 (STG) - EX48, Entrance, on the container near exit.
M653 (SMK) - EX49, Underground A, around middle.
RK47 - EX13, in the hut.
RPK - EX37, on 2nd floor.
FAL - EX36, small room at western edge.

Sub Machine Gun:
M10 - Pursue Amanda.
M10 (BJ, Barrel Jacket) - EX36, small room at NW.
Uz61 - EX15.
MP5A2 - EX57, around the middle.

Sniper Rifle:
M1C (MR, Mental Recover) - Find Zadornov 4, hillside NE.
M21 - EX15.
SVD - EX35, look around at fallen tree.
PTRD1941 - EX50, right near the bridge.

Machine Gun:
MG3 - EX31.

(post-mission only)

Stun Grenade - EX22, in mill NE.

Set down weapons:
Decoy - EX53, near truck.
Aerial Mine - EX14, mountain ridge small room.

Shield (Colored) - EX55, around middle.
Box Bomb - Find Zadornov 2.
Stun Box - Find Zadornov 6.
Smoke Box - Find Zadornov 5.
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User Info: yabo

7 years ago#3
Oh thank you :D
Being in Aus sucks gaming wise.

User Info: Orbo99

7 years ago#4
yeah this was more helpful so i sticky requested
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User Info: LCY

7 years ago#5
tag and thanks
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User Info: nanjo1983

7 years ago#6
You can also find the stun grenade documents in the pursue Amanda mission. They're in the attic where the rebels were hiding.

User Info: Goliath_25

7 years ago#7
There is a M10 (SP, Supressor) in EX 12. Its near the door of the house that Chico was being held in

User Info: NauticalDisasta

7 years ago#8
I'm still early in the game but I'm guessing EX means extra mission as opposed to a story mission?
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User Info: Spark0

7 years ago#9
Yes, it refers to Extra Ops.
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User Info: yabo

7 years ago#10
Oh yes, extra request. Camos that you can pick up rather than obtain from end of missions. Thanks again. :D
Being in Aus sucks gaming wise.

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