How to Unlock Chapter 5

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User Info: FoX1028

7 years ago#1
Please tell the the EXACT requierements for CHAPTER 5.

User Info: GameNerd64

7 years ago#2
I hate these topics. If you just played the damn game there's no way you wouldn't unlock it.

Beat Peace Walker 3.
Complete all required ZEKE parts, add railgun.
Play 3 (I think... something like that) Extra Ops missions and Zadornov will escape.
After each Zadornov capture, play up to five EXOPs missions to have him escape again. He escapes 6 times.
The final escape mission, he's in EXOP 01. Meet him and start the final battle.

User Info: opfer_gv

7 years ago#3
Right after end of chapter 4, just play few missions. You will get call from Kaz about someone's escape.
After series of bad lucks, there is always good luck follows.
- Syuji Terayama.

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