Extra ops [56] One Shot is kinda impossible

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User Info: Guy_Inc0gnito

7 years ago#1
I'm waiting and waiting and waiting, and they all just walk around in random places. I can't shoot only one barrel to kil them all, cuz they're too far. Help?
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User Info: Zeppster497

7 years ago#2
Stop looking at the soldiers, the key are the cyphers. Shoot a barrel when the both of the cyphers are more-or-less in-between the barrels, so, blowing up one barrel blows up all of them, thanks to exploding cyphers.
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User Info: seathswift

7 years ago#3
about 48 seconds in is when you should shoot the center barrel
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User Info: JinSeta

7 years ago#4
position your snipe in between the 1st barrel and the 2nd barrel from the left, then just shoot it once there's an unmanned weapon fly-by. it will explode and detonate all the oil barrels and everything will be blast away

User Info: PaperBettaFish

7 years ago#5
48 seconds can't be the right number as both UAV's are no-where near each other or the barrels. The closest they ever get to each other is 45.5 seconds. At the .5 second mark, the UAV on the left starts to head further left while the UAV on the right starts to come toward the middle. No matter how fast I click, I get every soldier + 1 UAV and always fail to snag the other UAV.
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User Info: Dragonsbane2004

7 years ago#6
I did it by one shoting a uav when they were close together, didnt even notice the barrels...lol
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User Info: SoF-Rambo

7 years ago#7
The Kidnappers have to be closer to the other barrels then the middle one when you shoot... at least, thats how I finished it.
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User Info: GothicWar

7 years ago#8
Their is a video on youtube of this, it might be japanese but if follow the video and shot at the right tme your good.

User Info: Zaitoch

7 years ago#9
4:13 is where you want to fire the Middle Barrel you have to judge when both Kidnappers are on both sides of the middle barrel, it might be a little after 4:13 but its usually around there you have to fire the shot.

User Info: Sekerone

7 years ago#10

I always thought the kidnapper would fly randomly ? :O

anways just wait till the nappers are between the barrels and then shoot.

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