Classic, Current, or New?

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User Info: kong_sevixnine

8 years ago#1

Do you hope this game is top down, same as RE4/5. or wan't a new control scheme?

User Info: darthmitten

8 years ago#2
old one or a new better one
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User Info: Python112

8 years ago#3
I think the old system like RE1,2 and 3 would work best on psp.

User Info: TheGreatKakashi

8 years ago#4
You can't beat the classics.
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User Info: CaptWaltWho

8 years ago#5
classic style

User Info: Goten50000

8 years ago#6
I'm hoping 4 or 5 but it being PSP probably be better to do 1, 2, and 3 style. Hopefully 3 since you could dodge and stuff

User Info: donut5

8 years ago#7
Classic, but add some new unique features :D

User Info: DebugJunky

8 years ago#8
You can't beat the classics.

This. But not just in terms of gameplay, but also with the story done like the original 1-C:V, which didn't need to focus on intertwining plots with the rest really badly and turning all the characters ridiculous like 5 did. Even if REP was over-the-shoulder I seriously hope we get just zombies and mutated animals etc this time and not los plagas or ridiculous experiments that make the Tyrant look like a sissy.

They need to go back to having fewer characters and more actual survival-horror like the originals, now it's just an action series with throwaway characters (damn I hate Sheva...), even the newer villains were terrible, in Capcom's ps1 gen SH games like the RE and Dino Crisis games each game had only several characters, even the same with Onimusha, and in all those games they focused on the mood, the atmosphere, the puzzles and well told stories that didn't require 30 damn hours to play through in what I can only imagine as a recent trend of attempted story-intensive games that try and ultimately fail to emulate the better elements of series like Metal Gear amongst others.

They could keep the mercenaries mini-game though, maybe in a mix between how 3 and 5 does it, so it's like classic style but co-op on/offline in one big area, that would be cool :P

User Info: mastershakez

8 years ago#9

I would like to see a new style. Maybe something along the lines of SH: Origins, I thought that that worked quite well on the PSP.

User Info: silent0ne456

8 years ago#10
combined of old and current
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