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User Info: vivalatour

5 years ago#1

this game is a farse that was projected by a bunch of lunatics !

User Info: DrRockso87

5 years ago#2

I won't be surprised if this game ends up canceled. Max Payne 3 is releasing in May this year while Grand Theft Auto V will be released probably early 2013. Will Rockstar even have time for a game that has pretty much been forgotten about?

User Info: vivalatour

5 years ago#3

The question i have for R* is just when will all come home ?

User Info: kcheung5440

5 years ago#4
still listed as 'coming soon' on the official website.
Could I have some salamanders, please?

User Info: vivalatour

5 years ago#5

please pass the salamanders along with some information about

 the two remakes of GTA from PS2 for PS3 , they may be out before GTA5

 and my buddy agent 47 ?  do you know , well do you blokes ? :cool:

User Info: harvie84

5 years ago#6
I wish rockstar would come out and tell us whats happening with this game. Is it still in development? Is it cancelled? They could at least give us something.
PSN: harvie07

User Info: Vari3ty

5 years ago#7

Seriously starting to think this game was nothing but vaporware.

User Info: vivalatour

5 years ago#8


 R* has always got humble words like Thank You for your patience ?

 just how do they know we feel that way ? they must know we love

 them a lot more then they love us  :roll:

User Info: OmenUK

5 years ago#9

Look at how long they too to develop Red Dead Redemption, I trust Rockstar and believe that this is more than likely a work in progress that'll be released next year 2013, after Max Payne3 and GTA 5.

User Info: Cryptosperidium

5 years ago#10
Seriously though, what happened to this game?
Other than it's druing the Cold War, there's been pretty much zero information on it :(
Why do I even bother?
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