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User Info: kuyaboner

5 years ago#1
I am sure Sony wants to have this game out by now too. When R* released GTA3 in 2001 it helped sell many PS2s, and PS2 was a year old then. PS3 is at its half life now and still no exclusive from R*. It would have been better to not even mention this game at all since R* is working on other titles. I still hope R* can prove me wrong, but as time goes on with nothing to be reported about this game, it doesn't seem likely.

User Info: vivalatour

5 years ago#2


 it sure don't  !

User Info: lelewow

5 years ago#3
I have a feeling this game won't come out
PSN: CountDruckula

User Info: Vari3ty

5 years ago#4

Not alone on that one. 

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